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Default Previously Asked Questions

Have all the Generations been implemented?
Yes. All attacks, abilities and Pokémon have been implemented into the system. The only exceptions to this rule are the following:
Abilities: Frisk, Harvest, Honey Gather, Klutz, Pickpocket, Pickup, Unburden, and Unnerve.
Attacks: Trick, Recycle, Embargo, Switcheroo, Magic Room, Bestow, Fling and the Shadow
moves from Pokémon XD/Pokémon Colosseum.

They will only be implemented if items/Shadow mechanics are officially implemented, which there are no plans for at this point.

Nicknames are mandatory when registering pokemon, or any other method of obtaining pokemon, correct? I also assume if that is correct, they cannot be nicknamed the pokemon they are.
EX: I can't nickname Sneasel, Sneasel.

Nicknames are not mandatory and they can be whatever you like.

What are my Pokemon's stats? What does this ability or attack do?
Your answers can all be found in the Compendium.

When it says in the Compendium to take into account whether the Pokemon is airborne, underwater, in fog, etc, what does it mean?
Basically means use common sense on whether certain moves hit or miss. For instance, Magnezone naturally floats, and would thus be considered Airborne. So even though it doesn't have Levitate as an ability, it's not going to be affected by Earthquake, obviously. Unlike if it had Levitate, though, a move like Earth Power can still hit.

Can Chills be used as part of a conditional?

Are moves like Leech Seed, Aqua Ring or Ingrain direct recovery moves?
If your opponent placed "no direct recovery moves" as a battle clause, you'll need to ask them - none of the battle clauses are officially ASB supported.

If a Pokemon is paralyzed and is ordered to chill, then it won't gain the +6 Energy (assuming the ref rolled for PRZ), right? So, it that just it, or is there a subtraction from the user's energy due to the mon trying to chill?
The Pokemon would not gain or lose energy. It would not do anything but be paralyzed.

Can someone be a customer of their own buisness? If so how does the whole money thing work out...?
You pay the fee, like a normal customer, but you will not receive the $5 benefit in your paycheck as you normally would per customer.

How do I get Dream World/Hidden Abilities?
You can change your Ability to a Dream World ability at the Dream Center.

Can I use a Pokemon that's currently in a Safari Exploration in a battle while it's still in a Safari run?

Can we use combination attacks?
Yes. Read the how to battle thread!

What's required to be a ref?
An ASB account. A pulse.

Can you do multiple park runs at once?]
If by 'park', you mean Safari Zone, then no; just one at a time~

Does dodging take up an action?
yes, it does.

If someone were going to be inactive for awhile while having unfinished battles, would those battles be postponed or something until the person came back?
Majority of the time, yes, but if you say in your leaving post that you want to keep the battles open, then we probably will, unless you'll be gone for more then a few weeks.

If I use Sleep Talk when my Pokemon is asleep during the battle, do I get to choose which move comes out or is there some formula to it?
The Ref decides using the RNG.

The shiny bonus for battles, is that per shiny, or just a one time thing?
One time deal.

What happens when you Encore someone using Substitute, exactly?
Velocity used Sub!
paperfairy used Encore!
Velocity used Sub! A sub is already in play, it fails.
paperfairy uses SHOOP DA WHOOP! Substitute is broken.
Velocity used Sub! A sub is not in play, it does not fail.

Can a pokemon that learn a sig move (I mean the
move is approved when the battle is in progress)
during a battle can use it in a battle?

No, you're only allowed to use a Pokemon's sig move in battles it enters after it's approved.

And, does the sig move remains or removed when
the pokemon evolves?

Yes, the move automatically carries over.

Is it possible to have a hailstorm inside a building? Because I don't think it should be.
I certainly wouldn't ref it as such. The same with any weather system. Yes, it would be hailing outside, but unless the roof blows off, it shouldn't have any effect inside.

With the 30% off, is the number rounded up or down?
ASB always rounds up. Always. Always.

do ASB owners get the money spent in their shops on top of the $5 per customer thing or no?
No, they just get $5 per costumer.

If the first opponent uses rain dance and the second uses sandstorm, do both of these weather conditions function together or does sandstorm cause rain dance to end since sand storm was used second?
Weather moves cancel out the current weather. So yes, Sandstorm will cancel out the rain.

Would a Gym battle count towards the 3 battle maximum?

I just wanted to confirm that toxic cannot "stack" if used twice like toxic spikes.
Toxic can not stack with toxic, the move would fail and you would waste energy.
Other statuses you can stack, but Toxic and poison don't. e__e

So, if I want to buy a mon from the UPD, do I have to wait until the seller and dealer set the correct price, then I buy it?
Or can I just bid a price there?

Pretty much only place you can bid is either the Auction tent or of course, during Events. But yeah, if you want to buy a Mon from UPD, you can choose from those available in the 2nd post. Basically the dealer raises the price (about a dollar or two) of the mon they buy from the player before selling them to others.

How will the gym matches work? Is it just who ever wants a battle gets one? Or do you have to earn it like in the game how you battle a few others first? Or earn the chance like in a tournament? Or is that up to the leader?
Every Gym has their own requirements. As long as you've fulfilled them, you're allowed to battle the Gym.

Can a mon change his registered/approved sig move to a new one?
Just get it approved and delete the old one.

Can a clone (from Double Team) perform an attack? Like, the clone uses Flamewheel, and the real Mon uses Thunderbolt to the clone to make it a combo attack of an electric fire wheel?
They're copies - they're incapable of dealing actual damage. As for commanding them, I was under the impression that they worked like mirror images, so they mimic whatever you do.

What if I use Baton Pass/Teleport/U-Turn/Volt Switch in the new Safari? Do I end my safari or I switch pokemon?
Baton Pass, Volt Switch and U-Turn switches.
Teleport ends.

Would it count towards your KO's for Vitamins if you went into the safari zone and just killed everything?
Yep. That was the whole point, actually.
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