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Default Vitamin Shop

Welcome to the Vitamin Shop! Looking to power up your Pokémon? Want to get an edge in battles? You've come to the right place!

Here, you can purchase power ups for your Pokémon. When you post in this thread to purchase one, you'll immediately apply it to one of your Pokémon. From that point on, that Pokémon will always have the appropriate stat boost for that item. For example, if I purchased a Protein for my Pikachu, my Pikachu would have a permanent +1 ATK boost.

You can not use an item if it would
- raise ATK,DEF,SPATK or SPDEF above twice it's ASB Stat
- raise SPD above +6
- reduce ATK,DEF,SPATK or SPDEF to less than zero
- reduce SPD to -6
- raise EXP over 10
- lower EXP under 0

Blissey, for example, has a SPDEF of 15. This can not, under any ASB circumstances, be greater than 30.

Level Up!
Now, when your Pokémon defeats other Pokémon, you can earn vitamins!

How do I defeat Pokémon?
- In a trainer battle, when the opposing Pokémon reaches 0 HP or 0 Energy
- In the Safari Zone, when the oppposing Pokémon reaches less than 30 HP and flees as a result

How many do I need to defeat?
If a Pokémon with an EXP level of 2, defeats 3 Pokémon, that Pokémon will get one FREE Rare Candy and one FREE Vitamin of your choice (except another Rare Candy)!
If a Pokémon with an EXP level of 3, defeats 4 Pokémon, that Pokémon will get one FREE Rare Candy and one FREE Vitamin of your choice (except another Rare Candy)!
See the pattern? If you want to see what your Pokémon's EXP level is, check out the Compendium!
REMEMBER: Whenever your Pokémon's EXP level increases, their number of defeats goes back to zero.

I defeated a bunch of Pokémon. How do I get my free stuff?

[Vee] Eevee (M)
Ability: Adaptability
link to first KO
link to second KO
link to third KO
link to fourth KO
link to fifth KO
Applying: 1 Rare Candy AND 1 Protein
After using one of these items, you can not refund it or turn it off. It is permanent. In your profile, you are required to display these boosts at all times, and when the Pokémon is used in battle. Upon purchasing an item here, register it in the Registration thread. In your profiles, you should be linking to the approval post in the Registration thread. Each Pokémon is allowed up to 12 items used on it, maximum. A running list of used vitamins and aprijuice should be kept in one's profile.


[Vee] Eevee (M)
Ability: Adaptability
Stats: 1 Rainbow Aprijuice (+1 ATK, -1 SPATK)
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