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Welcome to my trading shop! I don't have much here just yet but I'm hoping to get more. I'll have three sections below to incorporate all the things I will be offering,

1. Event Pokemon
2. Shiny Pokemon
3. EV Trained Pokemon

I will only Trade my Events for other events, but will trade my Shinies/EVed Pokes for your Events/Shinies/EVed Pokes.

I try and keep all my Pokemon on my Soul Silver, my FC is 2279-5478-1566

- Cloning pokemon. I use a AR to clone my pokes, but that is the only thing it is used for, none of my guys are hacked at all, and I do not want your hacked pokemon. I will clone for you no problem, and without a fee if you do not have a problem with me keeping a copy of the pokemon. If you do have a problem with me keeping a copy we will work something out for the service. When you ask for cloning tell me what you want cloned and how many.

- Events that are not listed below.
- TRU Jirachi, Any Nature, UT
- Wish Maker Jirachi, Any Nature, UT

Without further ado take a look at my wares and let me know if anything sparks your fancy. Feel free to post your offers here or PM them to me.

My Trading Shop
White Friend Code: 0819-3051-3379
White Pokedex Obtained: 151(U)/442(N)

Pokemon I've Recently Breed, PM for trades
- Zorua w/ Dark Pulse, Timid and Naive
- Deino w/ Dark Pulse, Timid and Modest
- Panpour w/ Nasty Plot, Random Natures

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