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Originally Posted by mayfan1000 View Post
OK i will do your request if you will use the forum at the first thread you are making no sience no offence but please use that then i will do the sprite.

And to everyone else i think shadowinfernape said his computer was down i think so do not worry and i may by wrong entirely.
thank you!
mayfan1000, no idea WHAT youre talking about, but ill make my directions more clearer. The color swap you did with rayquaza and blaziken looked great, but i wanted rayquaza and another super colorful pokemon, not blaziken. and archeops was the only pokemon i could think of at the time. it was my bedtime anyway.... really late. so, if you dont do 5th gen sprites, i can show you where you find them. there are 2 links, actually. 1. go to google. search up "Cryptidex." click on the first link that pops up. scroll down until you find archeops. 2. again, go to google. search up "Black and White Pokemon." scroll down until you find "Black And White Pokemon List. again, scroll down until you find archeops. your welcome. (archeops is number 567 or something...)

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