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Default Re: Image Requests - [Request banners/avatars/images here]

Banner/Avatar: Neither. I need a button of sorts
Size: Must be a circle approximately 300x300 pixels (I will resize to my liking after)
Colour Theme: Anything, but it MUST be able to cooperate with colour schemes involving yellow, black, red, blue, green, etc. It also must be able to be uncluttered enough that numbers will be placed in front of it. It must somehow evoke the idea of "health" or "life".
Image(s): Irrelevant
Background Image(s): Also irrelevant
Main Text: Again irrelevant
Sub-Text: A 4th time irrelevant
Border: Errrrr....
Extra: This is for Children's Card game revision 3, tentatively going to be called "Spellbound".
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