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Default Re: What inspired you to start writing?

Originally Posted by aeoneeveemoon View Post
I write because I have so many random ideas floating around in my head it gets on my last nerve at times.

Fanfiction I mostly write because I can't help it. I'll seriously sit down and watch a movie, then think...

It's like that ALLAH THE TIEM.
And the same kinda goes for original ideas - they just sort of appear in my noggin. Usually though everything - due to the fact that IVE A BAZILLION STORIES - swishes around for a while though.
Take HoaL. It started out as characters for some roleplay with a friend. Then I decided Annabelle - or Jazz, as she became - and Chrissie should have a story, as well as the bizarre Lugia alternate form that I'd dubbed Lucent.

In other words, I write because my brain does not shut up and stop refining.
Pretty much this... I invoke it though, since there's nothing else to do when you're walking or training at the gym. But then I need to keep it in my mind all day 'til I get home where I can write it down...
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