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Default Re: Tes's shiny looking for and offering thread!

Originally Posted by TheEliteShaymin View Post
HI Everybody! Im New here so here's what I'm looking For!

My Friend Code

Platinum Only!:Katie-1850-0525-0435

Movie *** Events!
1.Shiny Eigakan Shaymin(Will offer any shiny like deoxys for it!)MAJOR WANT!
2.Shiny Movie Darkrai!(same as Shaymin)

10th Aniversairy Events!
1.Any of them have to be Shiny!

Also looking for any japanexse rare event including NOK ones!
1.Shiny ***. Deoxys
2.Shiny E4 Glitch Darkrai(I have a ton of them cloned!)
3.MYSTRY Mew I have a Few of them ;)
4.Mitsurin/Ageto Celebi(LVL 70)
5.Shiny Shaymin
And many more!!!!!!
Pm me for other offers!

Please Come and Trade me Shiny Eigakan Shaymin!

Thank You!

Is the shiny E4 glitch Darkrai untouched? Even if not, I have a Shiny 10 ANIV Celebi I could trade to you for it if that's alright.

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