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Originally Posted by HelloImKers View Post
you probably just got some stickers from a kid at school, saw the url and thought, 'woah, free stickers.' so you signed up on the website and ordered them . you will give up on being a vegan after two weeks, tops .
10 years. kthx.

Just because you don't like yourself being in that situation doesn't necessarily the animal minds it.
If someone was whipping you, would you mind?

Cock fighting, dog fighting, beating an crippling dogs and cats and then tossing them aside, these are examples of true animal cruelty. These are real crimes to both the animal and nature because the meat goes no where except the dump. They are our prey as long as we treat them as prey (aka consume them or using them for our lives) then there is nothing wrong with living as an omnivore should.
So some of those videos don't show any cruelty? We're not treating them as prey, to me, it seems like torture. Last I checked, a lion didn't torture a buffalo before it ate it. Sure there is some suffering, but not as much as slaughterhouses. Some of those animals were whining and crying. They aren't people, but their crying sounds the same as ours. Even though we can't tell if they mind or not, it's pretty obvious to see their pain.

The majority of people eat and will always eat meat. But is there a reason why they must suffer? Does it taste better when a pig or cow is whipped? Are there more nutrients if they cried or tried to run away? Would it be less or more satisfying knowing that the animal was shot so it wouldn't suffer?

Yes people need meat, but this isn't the way to do it. In my opinion anyway...

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