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In my own personal opinion. It's just life, yeah torture is bad, but the fact is we use their body as nourishment to keep us alive. It doesn't matter the way they may be killed that affects the quality of the taste! Just how it's cooked and seasoned. =9

You also have to keep this in mind when viewing Slaughter Houses in America. America is a cooperation who tries to gain the most profit for the minimal amount of effort. Cows or what ever animals are going to be killed are nothing more than product bred and produced for the sole reason of being killed so their meat can be harvested for the masses. The conditions they live in don't matter, because the more they can fit into one cage, the more money that company saves and will see in profit.

If you want to view it in BLACK AND WHITE (Lol, Pokemon reference), other animals don't care for the feelings of animal they're killing. Some animals can and are tortured before they actually die. Yes, in most cases it can be a clean kill but for the later, an animal can go through tremendous amounts of torture before it actually expires.

Also, the sole reason animal testing is important is for medical reasons. With out it, how would we ever find cures for fatal diseases? What if some one you love and care about comes down with an illness and the only way to save their life was from a product that was tested on animals. Would you let your loved one die just because it was used on an animal?!

Besides, if some one is so bothered by animal testing you're more than welcomed to volunteer yourself to be tested on in their place. It's a fair trade right?
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