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Originally Posted by HelloImKers View Post
you probably just got some stickers from a kid at school, saw the url and thought, 'woah, free stickers.' so you signed up on the website and ordered them . you will give up on being a vegan after two weeks, tops .
Sorry to say so, but that quote you did for my name before, Is NOT true. I never once said that so please don't put that in my name quoted. No I didn't join PETA2 for stickers, I am not the kind of person who joins something for simple things like stickers. I didn't give up being a vegatarian when I was 10 until I was forced to eat meat. Wanna know how long that lasted? It lasted about a year of being a vegatarian.
I decided my own way of living by going vegatarian and I'm keeping my promise to that now.

BTW- I am not trying to persuade you to be a vegatarian/vegan. Only sharing my thoughts and awarenesses.
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