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Default Re: Ataro's Reffing Log

Elite Four
Helds Allowed
Normal Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause

(Elite Four) Xalapeno - Ambipom, Jolteon, Crobat, Infernape, Lapras
(Challenger) Bumblebee16 - Ambipom, Jolteon, Crobat, Porygon-Z, Infernape, Togekiss

I took over for Mubz when he had to go, but I was around for the entire battle. Bumblebee had a great start, partly due to him winning the speed tie rolls for about two or three times, but he had an obvious advantage over TO for the early game and it looked like TO was in a pretty bad spot. When I took over reffing however, an Ice Beam froze Crobat instead and that was when the entire game changed into TO's favor completely.


TO wins, and gets $4000 + Defends.
Bumblebee loses, and gets $3000.

Mubz/Ataro should get $2000 for reffing each.

Salary: $6000
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