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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yeah, time skips ahead a bit; they'll be there a while. And yeah, I picture the whole library to be gigantic, the biggest one by far in the region. Well, it's not like there are enough books (or enough interest) to warrant a Forbidden Attacks section. XD They do have a section for those types of stories though, which was the first place they looked through. Now they have to look through anything else that might be relevant. And yeah, the stories kind of contradict each other and don't have much helpful information.
Yeah, I figure as much. :P I do too! Definitely the biggest one I've read about! xDDD Get it? Reading about a library...haha... Ahem. Yeah, haha, that's true, which is why I suggested an appropriate section for those types of books. o: I would think so, and it would be hard to know what's what.

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yeah, I figured poachers would do things like that; dying pelts shiny colored to sell them for more money, or even dying the living pokemon themselves (of course, it would wear off, but the poachers would have already gotten their money. I'd feel bad for the pokemon though; those who buy from poachers wouldn't be looking for a friendly companion, just something rare). And yeah, Redclaw will certainly be happy to be rid of that collar. And Rosie will be happy to hear about Nightcloud too.
It makes sense, and kind of makes me wanna write a story from a poached pokemon's point of view. o: (Yeah, I agree. True, and then when they find out that the 'shiny' pokemon is just a regular colour, they would probably have no need for the pokemon anymore. D:) That's good! :D Bye bye collar. xDD Now Thunder just needs to have hers taken off. D: Not that that's as simple to do as it is to say. Yaaay!

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Nightshade would be feeling pretty much the same way, yes, but he'd be more hopeful, considering he wasn't injured by Forbidden Attacks. I'm glad you did; I figured it was about time to explain things, and it needed to happen before the plot got kind of crazy. And yep, I named Bloodscythe the most vicious, but still normal (for a scyther) name I could think of and made him the really nice guy. XD
I'd think so. And he has better company, but then again, he's in a place with other pokemon, so he'd feel a bit useless along with all the others. And less privacy and whatnot. Although, Stromblade has too much privacy. They should share it around with each other! x3 I thought that too. I think it's awesome to learn about characters' pasts. ^^ I really liked how he was thinking back further each time, and then further again...until the past story happened. I think you situated that part well. ^^ That's awesome! Anti-stereotype for the win! xD

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yep, Bloodscythe was someone Stormblade really looked up to. His parents, though not mentioned, were pretty "meh" about him, not really taking care of him as much as they should (hence why Bloodscythe needed to help) but not abusing him either.

Well, a scyther couldn't survive in Snowcrystal's environment...they aren't exactly suited to extreme temperatures. D: As for what they'll all do, I have it planned out. Hopefully I'll eventually get that far.
I think that's really nice that he could have someone like that, especially with parents such as those. D: At least they weren't abusive though. I wonder what Thunder's parents were like... o:

No, I know. xDDD Which is why I said it would be funny if he did, because...ahh, I duno. xD I was just thinking random things. But that's cool! And of course; I believe one day you'll finish it, just as I hope to finish my stories too. xD

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Scyther-claw? XD

Sure, Scytheclaw would jump at the opportunity to heal Stormblade if it could mean de-evolution, but sadly, evolution is permanent. He's stuck the way he is. And yeah, time travel would really screw with the future, and it's not like there's a celebi floating around waiting to solve their problems or anything. D:

I don't quite remember if Rosie's reaction was described in detail or just's been a little while since I went over that part of the chapter. No idea when it'll be posted, but I'm glad you're looking forward to it at least.

Yeah, true. D: I know, haha, but I was just throwing options around...crazy ones!

*GAPS* You wrote it that long ago? o: Well I'm excited anyway. ;3 And of course I'm looking forward to it! :D Why wouldn't I be? ^^

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