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People fail to realize that barnyard animals run on pure instinct and nothing else. This statement meaning that we, as civilized people and corrupted by philosophy and theology, are looking through an animals eyes with the mind of a human. Sure, they may not like being killed, but it seems they are content enough or they'd kill the farmer, neh? I do not think they know what is going on, so I do not believe that it matters. I mean, I have been in a slaughter house before. I can assure you that they do not get tortured, it is quick and to the point. They don't even know what the hell happened, okay?

Animal rights? Okay, I understand that animals have the right to live and not to be abused. But honestly, how is killing an animal for meat abuse? It is being used for something. I frown upon hunting for sport because you shoot the animal and simply mount it up on a wall, but if it is shot and dressed and cooked and sold, that is fine. People are just too clouded when it comes to logical thought. Stop looking at it as a human, just for a second.

If I recall, there was a worldwide poll on my Wii a year ago asking people if they'd help humanity or an animal first. Bare in mind, these are humans answering, the majority said they would help animals. Now, if you saw one man torturing both a dog and a human at the same time, who would you save first? The dog or the innocent person? If you chose the dog, I can officially label you a murder, and if you chose the human, I can officially tell you this, "Yes, I know it is sad that the dog died, but what in the world do you think it was going to achieve?"

My uncle is a doctor, and while I know it is sad, I have had to watch people make the decision. That is the hardest. People have had to make the decision to either, A) let the person suffer just so you can spend more time with them, or B) let them go peacefully, knowing that they would be happy with that decision. Think of it that way. I know, it is painful, but just what is the dog going to achieve? Nothing. What will the human achieve? Maybe that human could possibly save your precious animals?

Also, testing on an animal? Same scenario. It is an animal! Stop looking at it through the eyes of a human, because they are not.

And also, I am not turning vegetarian. I cannot stand militant animal rights activists who constantly say "Meat is murder!" Because it is not.

-What about the plant's feelings? What do they have to say about it?
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