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Default Re: Are we just getting Older or is Pokemon getting worse?

Originally Posted by Orange_Flaaffy View Post
If it was a matter of age I shouldn't have gotten into pokemon when it was brand new and I was fifteen. Waaay too much about pokemon fandom is linked to the idea that just because it stars a ten year old its target age for players is that age. Players of any age can play and love pokemon for the raw energy and zest for pokemon training\breeding\collecting that the trainers stand for. It's not so much as age issue as it is a state of mind...
Myself I've always been more of of a mix of Brock and Misty in my fandom for pokemon. Collecting pokemon and breeding more for its own sake than to impress. There is such a thing as a lighthearted older gamer of nearly 28 that could care less about detailed training and wifi battles, I'm one of them.
The fact is I am really looking forward to B\W, not as a replacement to G\S\C (my favorite gen) but as the next chapter storywise. If I turn out not to like it that much, like I did with the R\S\E days, there is always the freedom I have to just go back and play the other games in the meantime while I wait for the next game. My fandom is still burning even if I have far less people to share it with than I did in the beginning :).
well said...
I also realized, i failed to say that in my previous post about Ditto it has to be a Ditto caught in Dream World with the eccentric ability not just a regular Ditto you catch or bring from Gen IV.. oppsy doopsy

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