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Default Re: [EXHIBITION] OPEN: 3m0d0ll VS paperfairy (Single,2)

ATTENTION ASPIRING REFS: High quality writing is something to aspire to. It's not something we necessarily expect. As long as you're at least average, then you can expect that not to count against you. On the other side of things, several posts in the early parts of the battle do not have battle descriptions, in the interest of time. You are never, ever, ever, ever in a million years allowed to do this, and if you do we'll strip you of refhood faster than you can tap your foot twice.

Also, let it be known that this post is considered TOP NOTCH REF QUALITY MATERIAL. Your posts need not be this good.

The wind blows dramatically, sending the competitors' hair whipping and flying. They stand at the highest point in the world, the Hall of Origin. The domain of Arceus, the high creator of all things; a God, if you will. It is only fitting that this, the place where all of creation began, is where the first battle of this new league takes place. On one side, Paperfairy, the father of the new order, the man who took a dying animal and made it stronger than ever. On the other, 3m0d0ll, one of the few remnants of the old guard. With her comes experience and a wealth of knowledge, as well as an award named after her. You don't get an award named after you without being really, really cool.

Further befitting the epicness of this battle are the rules. Though the tradition of banning Pokemon of too great a power has carried on, that rule has been suspended. Anything goes. And both battlers are taking advantage of it.

Round One


Deoxys (-)
Normal Forme
Stats: 2 Rare Candy (+2 EXP), 2 Carbos (+2 SPD), 2 Iron (+2 DEF), 2 Zinc (+2 SPDEF), 2 Carbos (+2 SPD), 1 Protein (+1 ATK) and 1 Calcium (+1 SPATK)
Signature Move: Forme Change
Description: Normally, Deoxys can only perform Forme Change in the presence of certain environments, or radiation. This Deoxys, however, has been physically embedded with pieces from the Veilstone meteorites, allowing it to change Forme with a high Energy cost.
Type: Psychic | Damage: X | Accuracy: X | Classification: Status | Energy: 20
Effects: Deoxys can change between it's four formes: Attack, Defense, Speed and Normal. After transforming, Deoxys can not use any action for three actions after Forme Change.
Usage Gap: Twice per battle, four rounds.
Substitute~Fire Punch


[Purple Bug with lasers ♥] Genesect (-)
Ability: Download
Stats: Stats: 2 Rare Candy (+2 EXP), 2 Carbos (+2 SPD), 2 Iron (+2 DEF), 2 Zinc (+2 SPDEF), 2 Carbos (+2 SPD), 1 Protein (+1 ATK) and 1 Calcium (+1 SPATK)
Metal Sound~Tri Attack

Deoxys immediately opens with a flourish of its tentacle arms, knowing full well that it won't get a chance to play again for quite some time. Its eyes flash white momentarily, and the snake-like whips snap together, melding into two arms. They hover in front of it, one held high, palm down, the other low and facing up. A ball of light forms inbetween them, fed by tendrils of white flowing from its hands. The ball grows very bright, and then hovers out of the circle formed by Deoxys' hands, floating in front of it for a second, before stretching, and morphing, going from a perfect sphere into an amorphous blob, and finally forming into a coherent shape. The glow fades, leaving a perfect copy of its master floating directly in front of it.

Genesect, too, feels the urge to get into the fray. Behind the unmoving metallic cover, its mouth begins clicking, generating a loud noise which echoes against the solid, soundproof metallic walls. The sound grows in volume, causing the shell that is the front of Genesect's face to vibrate slightly. Finally, when it has deemed the attack strong enough, Genesect uses a number of tubes within the face shell to direct the sound waves, which have taken on a very metallic tone from the vibrations, through the three holes on the front of its face, causing a piercing metallic noise to ring through the heavens. Deoxys' substitute, however, is designed specifically to be able to block any attack, including ones of this nature. Its body stretches impossibly, pulling around to form a rubber sphere around Deoxys. The waves of sound bounce harmlessly off of it, leaving Deoxys safe and comfortable in its soundproof container.

As soon as the attack ends and the Substitute returns to its normal state, Deoxys flies on the offensive. Its fist bursts into flames as it makes a charge, flying in a zigzag pattern to confuse its target. Genesect takes two steps backwards, but is far too slow to avoid its attacker. The alien slams the blazing fist into the top of Genesect's head, sending it to its knees with the force of it. Deoxys continues its flight, coming to a rest about the same distance from Genesect on the opposite side, and the Substitute drifts over to join it.

As quickly as the Bug went down it gets back up, its face an emotionless metallic mask but somehow still clearly glaring. It bends at the knees, bracing itself, and three balls of energy form around the tip of the cannon on its back. They spin around the end, gaining more and more speed until they blur together, appearing as a circle. A whirring sound is heard, and the cannon fires a blast, with the circle closing into a single orb on the front. It pierces the air on a direct course for Deoxys' chest stone. The substitute acts quickly, moving in front of the attack. It strikes it at the left elbow, which absorbs the full attack before exploding harmlessly. The small remaining chunk of the arm falls to the glass floor, thumping down and lying there.


Deoxys (-)
Normal Forme
HP: 75
Energy: 81
Conditions: Airborne, Substitute w/ 19 HP. Smug as all hell.


[Purple Bug with lasers ♥] Genesect (-)
HP: 84
Energy: 84
Conditions: Download active (SpAtt+3). Not doing quite well, but is too cool to care.

Deoxys-Substitute (lost 25% health, Substitute of 25% health remains. Energy cost: 7)
Genesect-Metal Sound (rolled 55, 80% to hit. Substitute causes failure. Energy cost: 2)
Deoxys-Fire Punch (rolled 5 out of 8, 1 for critical. Dealt 16 damage. Rolled 54, 10% to burn. Energy cost: 12)
Genesect-Tri Attack (rolled 2 out of 8, 1 for critical. Dealt 6 damage, Substitute absorbed. Energy cost: 14)
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