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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Hi, it's been a while. I'm back with a new series of gyms. Here's the first gym to kick things off.

Gym name:Redue Gym
Youngster Calvin
Opening quote:"Hi rookie. Let's battle!"

Moves:Tackle Defense curl Rock throw Rock polish

Defeating quote:"You won, fair and square."
Prize money:$100
Afterwards quote:"I enjoyed our battle. Battle the gym leader."

Gym Leader Brock
Opening quote:"Hello trainer. My name's Brock. I'm the Redue Gym Leader. I specialize Rock type pokemon. Now, let's battle!"

Moves:Bind Screech Rock stealth Rock throw

Moves:Horn attack Tail whip Stomp Stealth rock

Defeating quote:"You won. I enjoyed this battle. For a starter, you could become the greatest."
Prize money:$1,500
Afterwards quote:"You showed tremendous battling skills. You deserve the Solid badge. With the Solid Badge, you can use the HM01 Cut. I want you to have this. TM76 Stealth rock. It's a really awesome rock type tm. The next gym is in Spaile City. Good luck."

That's the first gym. The next one will come momentarily.