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Default Re: Thoughts on the Sinnoh Saga

To tell the truth I really liked the Sinnoh Saga. Some of the filler episodes were hit and miss but I really liked the episodes that involved the gym leaders or the continuing story plot. A lot of the gym leaders like Fantina and Gardenia got expanded upon as you saw that they did more then just hang around at the gym. They took the whole 'give the gym leaders at least two episodes' thing from Hoenn and expanded on that by giving them a bit more spice in their personalities.

Sinnoh also felt like it handle it's source material better then the previous sagas by how they handled Team Galactic and including characters and locations that you see in the games such as Iron Island and Marley. One thing that I hated the Hoenn Saga was how horrible the Team Magma and Aqua was but with Team Galactic everything felt good. All their episodes tied in with each other and how nicely it tied to the overall story and characters. The build up was nice and smooth.

Also I liked how things were a bit better balanced between Ash and Dawn for some sort of screen time. I mean Ash still got a good bit of attention but at least it was entertaining to watch Dawn. Brock got screw over but at least they remembered him via the whole Team Galactic so it wasn't too bad.

I really enjoyed the Sinnoh saga and think that it is maybe the best that the writers have done in a long time. They were able to create a good subplot and used their sources nicely unlike in the past where things were just separate things that didn't really connect to each other.
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