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Default Re: Anyone hate Arceus like I do?

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
I think she is saying that it takes all the fun out of actually collecting the Pokemon.
Not really because you're helping someone out and you both walk away without having to lose anything. Why would you sit there and go oh you can clone my precious pokemon and you have the last one I need for my collection but I won't trade for it because I don't want to have a clone or lose my precious pokemon.

Originally Posted by Mewcario View Post
I believe you never received this event Pokemon via Toy's R Us. The Arceus in this event STARTS AT LV 100! As in YOU CAN'T EV TRAIN HIM! The best you can do is feed him vitamins until it no longer allows you to. And no, not all legit Arceus' are lv. 100. If you get the flute and go to Mt. Coronet, the Arceus you face is Lv. 80. That is the Arceus I use for online competition, but even then I'll take Mewtwo over Arceus any day of the millenium.
Yes I did recieve my events myself at Lv. 100 I said that already that they came at Lv. 100.

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
...All Legit Arceus's were Lv. 100...
And you CAN EV train a Lv. 100 pokemon. It's just a pain in the ass and harder. For every so EV points you have to take said pokemon and place it into the PC and it's stats get recalculated the same way placing a fainted or close to fainting pokemon into the PC heals it. By doing this it IS possible to EV train a Lv. 100 pokemon. Also Azure Flutes weren't taken into consideration for this because they aren't even Legit. You have to hack an Azure Flute into the game just to get him. That would constitute him as Hacked. So yeah doesn't count.
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