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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG)

Asuna was laying on her chest reading a magazine and waving her legs up and down. Finally, peace and quiet without that annoying Negi. No matter what he always did, something would always go terribly wrong. The memory of the "contest" in the public bathing area was just one example. Despite this, Asuna could not understand why she wanted the persistent pest around, "He is likable, I guess..." she muttered to herself.

"What was that, Asuna?" asked Konoka. Konoka was on the cushioned floor a few feet from the side of the bunk bed watching the television that they had. Asuna looked from Konoka and the television back down to her magazine for a second, and then back to her clock, "It is 7:00, shouldn't Professor Springfield be back sometime soon?" asked Konoka.

"Yeah, I guess," replied Asuna carelessly. As if she cared what that little brat was doing.


Negi was walking from the staff board meeting, which were unbearingly boring. The lights were still on in the halls, thank goodness. As he was walking by the assortment of students talking about a fad, a boy, or simply something that happened during the day, something particularly interesting caught his eye. The little Welsh boy walked passed the gym door only to hear loud electronic music playing. Negi did not enjoy the type of music, and would have simply ignored it and passed had it not been for Makie, Kugimiya, and Misa politely waving to him from the gym.

You see, the gym was not only a place for recreational activity at the Mahora boarding school, it was also an auditorium. A stage covered in dark blue wall-to-wall carpeting held seven girls and one, uncomfortable boy of about thirteen, attempting to dance. The music, from England, a land close to Whales, was blasting out of two large speakers as the athletic girls, and the random boy were dancing. Negi stood in the gym area, under a basketball hoop, and waited for the hardcore electronic compilation to end.

Once the music ended, Negi walked up to Kugimiya, "That was absolutely stunning, where did you learn to dance like that?"

"Oh, well... We are just really athletic and we just figured we would give a shot at dance club."

"Dance club?" asked Negi, "How interesting."

"Yeah, we aren't that good, though. It doesn't help that we have the one loser from the boy's boarding school across campus. I mean, come on! They had plenty of good dancers they could have spared, but they gave us this little runt!" added Makie in a near fit of rage.

"Be nice Makie. We do not want to heart his feelings," warned Negi.

"Why? He doesn't even talk," replied Misa coolly.

"Everyone has feelings, even if they choose not to show them," he defended the boy. The boy looked rather hurt at the previous comments, but still kept quiet in spite of his frown.

"Yeah, whatever," sighed Makie.

"Why is there a boy in this club anyway?" asked Negi innocently.

"Well, we were one girl short for entering the Mahora dance competition that is coming up. There weren't any girls physically adequate or willing to join," explained Misa in a rather calm tone.

"So the boy's middle school lent us this kid," finished Kugimiya.

"I see, well, I trust he will treated well by you from now on?"

"Yeah," assured Makie.

Negi bid them a good night and started to walk out of the gym. Makie, however, chased him down and informed him of something rather mysterious, "Oh, and Professor Springfield! Asuna was told to take you to something, something worth while tonight."

"Wot is it?" asked Negi.

"You will see when she takes you, silly goose. It'll ruin the surprise if we tell you now!" she smiled, turned and joined in with the group of dancing children.

"How peculiar," Negi mumbled to himself, fixed his glasses and proceeded to go to his dorm. Well, not entirely his dorm, rather where he slept, as it was not his for he shared it with... of all people, Asuna.


Negi entered the room he shared with his two students. He was cheerful, as usual, when he was greeted by Konoka. Konoka, a dark-haired cheerful sort was always willing to help Negi out with his problems, though he rarely ever asked for help. And on the occasion that he did ever ask for help, it would be from Asuna, a peculiar choice for help. But, there was something about her that had Negi trust her. It couldn't have been just the pure fact that she looked a lot like his sister back in Wales, for he had seen several girls who looked similar. It must be something about her personality that drew him to her, which was hardly plausible because it seemed she hated him with all her heart. Though, there were several occasions where she did show how nice she really was.

"Finally, little boy! I have to take you somewhere on the account that I lost rock-paper-scizors to fate," she said angrily. But the anger was more to cover personal feelings up, perhaps than to actually show pure frustration. It was obvious, but as usual, Asuna completely denied it.

So, while Konoka watched television, Negi swapped his adult wear to his pale yellow shirt, dark blue hoody with two white stripes on the top of each sleeve, and his blue khaki pants. Asuna was already dressed in her red sports jacket, her skirt, and her hair done up. By the time they were out the door, it was 7:47. It was alright though, it was a Friday night, so they got tomorrow off. They left their room and the sound of Konoka laughing at some Japanese television show, and down the hall. They made a right and landed themselves at a door. The muffled sound of laughter and music could be heard. It was muffled.

"Makie asked me if I could bring you to the practice and have you watch their dance routine for the upcoming Mahora something or other competition," said Asuna as she waved her left hand in the air. Negi looked up and smiled and looked back down.

"Well, I believe I have already seen much of it, but I guess it couldn't hurt to see it again."

"Okay, let's go in," Asuna replied.

When they arrived to see the same students from earlier line up, they sat down next to two other students. Nodoka and Yue. Nodoka was relaxed when sitting on the chair.

"Why are we here anyway, I would rather be reading to be honest," mumbled Yue to Nodoka.

"Well, I just figured that I would watch them dance. It is so interesting, and we never do anything like this."

"Hay, bookworm!" called out Asuna as she sat down next to Yue. Negi came to sit down next to Nodoka when she started to tremble. She blushed so uncontrollably that she had to use her hands to cover up it up. Her hair covered her eyes that had shifted to meet Negi.

"Hello, Nodoka. How are you doing this evening," greeted Negi cheerfully.

"'Evening..." replied Nodoka quietly. She was trembling even more, so Yue held her hand without Negi knowing. Nodoka calmed down to a certain extent, but to her it still felt like her heart was racing a thousand miles. The music was playing and the girls dancing, which drew all their attention to now. The boy on the far left however, refused to dance. Rather, he just stood there with his hands in his pockets. This picture attracted Negi's attention though. Why?

In the middle of the song, one of the girls reached over and turned off the music player. A small reverb of the song echoed throughout the gymnasium, but after that, it was immediate silence. All the girls turned to face the boy, but one in particular looked rather angry. Luckily, it was none of the class 2-A students. But as the young boy noticed all of them glaring at him, he let out a small yell and backed up a little. His eyes began to weld up in tears as he walked off the stage. He looked away from Asuna, Negi, Nodoka, and Yue as he passed by. The sound of the door squeaking open and then slowly slamming shut could be heard. The boy did not run out, rather he simply walked. Strange, Negi would definitely talk to this boy tomorrow.


"Alright, today class we are to recite the Odyssey in English. After that, I want you to write your favorite passage of the epic in Japanese, translated from English, and then I want you to right a description on why it is your favorite in English," instructed Negi. After Negi read the first five chapters of Homer's Odyssey, he cut them loose and let them work on their assignment in class. During this time, he chatted with his little ermine, Como.

"So, I really don't know why the boy ran off."

"Hay, sometimes man, women can be cold-hearted bi-"

"Please, Albert. Watch the language in my class room," whispered Negi hastily.

"Whatever, I need a cigarette. I am going outside," grumbled Como as he hopped off Negi's shoulder and scurried out one of the open windows. Negi got up to watch him dart out the window, and upon doing so, he saw the boy across campus. He was walking across, Negi thought anyway, to go to practice with Makie, Misa, and Kugimiya. So, after class he went down to the courtyard to talk to the boy.

"So, how are you doing?"

No reply.

"My name is-"

"I know who you are, I just cannot believe it."

"Oh, I see. Than you probably heard of my helpfulness that I am always willing to offer. I am offering to help you..." he motioned his hand for a name.

"My name is Sesu," answered Sesu as he sat down.

"Hm, Sesu in English is Seth, correct?" asked the nine year old professor.

"Egh, I cannot believe this. Not only am I spending time with a ton of girls for a dancing competition, which the girls clearly do not want me there, I am spending what little free time I have with a little boy," snapped Seth.

"Listen, I know my age is quirky, but I think you'd best listen to my advice," Negi defended himself.

"You do not understand. They do not want me there because it is quirky. The only reason I act timid around them is because they obviously don't want me there. It is for that reason alone I feel awkward," he said. They moved over and Seth took a seat on a stone bench

"Well, I think the reason they do not enjoy your company is because you are timid," pointed out Negi.

"I do not care..." replied Seth.

"Ah, but it seems you must care, for you are talking to me about it."

The boy sighed and looked down at his feet. He was wearing very nice looking shoes and had a stylish bag. The boy had black hair with shaggy bangs, he wore the Mahora Boy Academy uniform, and was of average height.

"Yeah, I guess you are right."

There it was, the recognition. Negi could see that this boy, Seth, was a good person. He might even make a good friend.

"Well, let me give a few tips. I understand that no one thinks you are a good dancer, am I correct?"

"Who told you that!? If it was the girls, I can tell you why! It is because they never even let me have a good role, or let me show them my skills!" he yelled angrily as they sat on a stone bench. Girls passing by to classes stared at the boy. A boy in Mahora Girl's Academy?

"Well, if that is the problem, I think I can remedy that. Where are you from?" asked Negi.

"Well, my mum is from England and my dad is from here, in Japan," he replied in English.

Negi had to think a minute. It had been a while since he had an actual conversation in English, so he had to think of what he had to say, "I see, well-"

The very fact that Negi spoke English was enough to get Nodoka's attention as she was walking down the stairs with a pile of books placed in her hands. She had never heard such a beautiful English accent, and as she looked to see Negi she misplaced her foot and fell, once again off the stairs. "Aaaah!" she screamed as she fell of the steps.

Negi was there almost at once to catch her, "You know, they should really put hand rails on those things," he laughed with Nodoka. Seth walked up and added a comment which both thought were amusing and they let out another hardy laugh. In the middle of the laugh however, Nodoka realized she was standing in front of Negi and she stopped. She raised her hand up to her mouth and ran away. Ah, her fear of boys was slowly leaving her.

Seth shrugged, "Well Professor Springfield, what is your advice?"

"Well, you being English, or at least some English decent, I think you know what a..." Seth bent down to hear the whispers of Negi. His bag slipped down a little.

"Yeah, I am familiar with that. How'd you know about that?"

"I have heard the other older children in Wales talking about it."

"Okay Professor, I will see you there!" said Seth, and he was gone.

"Hopefully it will work out," smiled Negi. But as he smiled, Asuna approached him.

"How is there a boy on campus? They do not allow them here!" said Asuna. It took her a few seconds to realize the irony of that statement, so as Negi was correcting her, she put her hand on his lips, "Sh, I do not make mistakes. Anyway! I hear that Professor Takahata wants to speak with you," she said as she put her hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Asuna!" he said as he left to go see what he was needed for.


"As I am sure you are aware of, we do not allow boys on the campus because of various reasons," said Takahata, "mainly because we do not want the girls distracted from their studies."

Negi started to sweat, thinking he was in trouble for not reporting Seth. Negi was aware of the rules, and he did not tell on him like he should have.

"What is the matter, Negi?"

"Oh, Professor Takahata! I have let a boy on the campus repeatedly!" admitted Negi.

"It is alright. That is what we were going to talk to you about. Seth is a good kid, and we figure you could use another boy to interact with. Seth holds okay grades and he has never gotten in trouble with any girls," explained Takahata. Well, Negi thought otherwise, for the boy was not getting along with the girls at all. Well, not right now, but that would change soon. After a conversation, Negi learned about the student.

The student had two free periods in the day because he had finished all his necessary core classes in seventh grade, and he was always just lounging around in his dorm at the boy boarding school. The school figured he needed to get out and socialize with other people, and since he did not get along with many of the boys there, they figured they would try the girls. It was a strange arrangement, but since Seth got to go over to the girl school whenever he wanted, maybe he could bond with the girls too. It was a thought anyway, but now Negi had to go grade papers.


Time for practice began, all the girls and Seth lined up. Before Misa could turn on the music player, Negi asked her if he could put in another song other than the normal songs they danced to. You see, the competition required one electronic song, one orchestral song, and one song of their choice. They had gotten the others down except electronic, so Seth would show that he had what it takes.

The music started. As the music started, the silence built up with drums and a low and eerie synthesizer in the background. As the music started to pick up even more, the drums picked up more. As this happened, Seth's legs started to shift along with the beat. Suddenly, the drop happened and the music started.

"You set the grade, we play the field. We pinch it to you to make sure you know it's real. Yo speakers shake, the sounds of lifted. Now you know why we all persisted. A transatlantic composition with a new perspective," sang the music. Seth danced so amazingly, the girls stopped immediately and just watched him. Seth, aware of them watching, continued dancing along with the music.

When the song ended, all the girls surrounded Seth, "Wow! Where'd that come from!?"

"Where'd you learn to dance like that?"

"What was that!"


"Can you teach us how to do that?"

Long story short, the competition was amazing. Seth was accepted amongst the girls he had met. The next step was introducing him to the twenty-eight other girls of class 2-A. But, that would come gradually just as it did for him. Asuna, Konoka, and Negi were all in the dorm watching television when there was a knock at the door.

Konoka answered the door, it was about 4:40. There stood Seth, his right arm lifted behind his back with his hand on his head. He smiled and Konoka smiled back. "Eh, hi. I am Seth."

"Hi!" greeted Konoka happily, "I am Konoka, this is Asuna, and you already know Negi. Welcome!"

He was invited in and he sat next to Konoka and Regi. Regi on his right and Konoka on his left. Asuna stayed up a little late that night, as they all watched television together. Seth turned to Regi during a commercial break and asked a quick question, "How'd you find that song anyway?"

"I don't know. I am not a fan of electronic music, it was just the first one I came across on the internet here. I am glad it helped, as it was just chosen by random!" laughed Negi. And for the first time, Seth smiled out of pure happiness.

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