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Default Re: Anyone hate Arceus like I do?

Originally Posted by DRAKING View Post
What's not to like about this Pokemon? The only reason you hate him is because he is too strong...

I think he is Awesome. I really like the fact he can be almost anything you want, however I still think I'd go for a Normal version. Extremespeed AND Judgment with STAB... ouch!
The only reason I wouldn't use normal type with him is that you can hit nothing for super effect damage, and thats one of the beauties of having that multi type ability, he can fill a hole in your team that you need. Extremespeed without the stab is still a great move going off of his base 120 Atk.

I think I would personally like to use a grass type with him, no reason but the fact that using a grass judgement would be cool to me. Hahaha.

Also, to the people who don't have a legit Arcues i'll be happy to give you one. Mine is from the Japanese movie release. Just shoot me a PM and I'll trade you one :)

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