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Default Re: Anyone hate Arceus like I do?

Not really because you're helping someone out and you both walk away without having to lose anything. Why would you sit there and go oh you can clone my precious pokemon and you have the last one I need for my collection but I won't trade for it because I don't want to have a clone or lose my precious pokemon.
No offense, but this makes no sense. Pokomum had just said that what I said was what she thought. You are telling me that it isn't what she thinks.

That is like making a scientific hypothesis. You shouldn't really write, "I think" before your hypothesis, because the hypothesis isn't about what you think, it is about what will happen in your prediction. However, that analogy is a little useless, but it gets the point across.

You have no argument to make because what I said was true, and you are trying to write out what she thinks.

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