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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG13)

Seven minutes before the first bell even rang for English class, the entire class was talking about the new boy that was allowed to stay with them. Ayaka, the class representative, was rather offended, "How could you all talk about some boy, when Negi is still relatively new?"

Asuna, of course, had a comment to add to that and an argument and escalating rage finally boiled over... for the morning. So as Asuna was yelling at Ayaka, and the rest of the girls were gossiping, the bell rang. It took a second for everyone to realize that it had happened, so they sat there, stopping whatever they were doing, and for just a second there was complete silence.

Then, footsteps echoed throughout the near empty halls. All the girls let out excited sighs and gasps and darted like lightning to their seats. The foot steps enclosed on their position like enemy forces in a war. And like strategists, all the girls grew more and more excited and nervous. The steps echoed even louder until they stopped right at the door. The door was flung open, "Ahahaha! That was a good one, Seth! You actually got me to laugh pretty hard!"

Seth laughed alongside Negi. The girl's eyes followed the pair of boys as the walked across the room. Seth had his bag slung over his shoulder and when he arrived near Negi's desk, he asked where to place the bag. To this, Negi simply told him to place it on the floor behind his desk, so Seth did. The bag slipped silently to the floor. Seth looked up to see all the girl's eyes on him. He froze, looked at Negi, and then back to the girls. He started to sweat.

"Hello, class. Today I am going to introduce a student and hopefully a new friend for you all today. He is a little nervous right now, so please take it easy today."

Negi's request was immediately answered the seating of several students creeping up on him to surround Seth. So, instead of smothering him with excited hugs and welcomes, all of their hands shot up eagerly.

"Yes, Asuna?"

"Why is there a boy in here? I didn't know they allowed them here in the all-girl school!"

"Well, the dean has made an exception about Seth. He did not get along well with the other boys at Mahora Boy's Academy, so he is one of the only boys allowed to interact here," he explained, "And to further that, I would also like to say that he will be here to answer questions you may have if I am not available for the moment. He is fluent in both English and Japanese, so you will be able to get an answer from him too."

Several hands went down, but there were some still up. Negi raised his hand to his forehead as he sat down on his desk's chair. The chair had several thick books that boosted his small body so that he could see over the desk. He leaned on the hand and called question after question about the boy. This was going to be a long day.

At lunch, all the tables were filled with gossip about the abnormality of gender at the school. The boy had a few periods of class off, for he had only a few classes to go to. So, he was free several times of the day and was found actually socializing with a few of class 2-A. However, whenever Negi and Asuna were free, he found himself hanging out with them. There was something about the two that lifted his spirits.

"Hay Negi, hey Asuna," he said cheerfully. It was plain to see that Asuna was not accustomed to the newcomer yet. Seeing her facial expression, Seth's face turned from a smile to a half frown. He quickly changed it into a smile again though, he was working on being less sensitive. It was a little odd he felt down whenever anybody else did not appreciate him being there. "Well, it seems that you guys have a pretty good teacher. Ours is pretty funny, but not a really good teacher."

"Really? Tell us about your teacher."

"Well," he put his fork from his lunch he had taken from the cafeteria and leaned over the tray, "When he does notes, he starts off like horse race announcer, but when he gets really into it. He stomps, he yells, it is truthfully amusing. He is also a pretty good joker about English literature," he said. Negi was interested, and so a small conversation sparked about teaching styles. Asuna continued to eat and listen into the conversation, even though she acted as if she didn't care.

"So, what do you think about our teacher?" Asuna asked finally.

"I think he is a small enigma rapped in a small business suit," he laughed as he picked up his fork and proceeded to shovel food into his mouth. Negi smiled and faced Asuna. Asuna shrugged, but Negi kept staring. She then motioned him to lean over the table.

Strangely enough, Asuna opened up a little to the joking boy. And before too long, she was engaged in the conversations at the table. In the midst of talking about backgrounds, Konoka came to site next to Asuna with her lunch tray.

"Well, I moved here with my mom when I was five. When I was seven, my mum married my dad and we decided to stay here in Japan. I like it here for the most part. I have a sibling, but he is in Tokyo," said Seth.

"Wow! My grandfather is the dean here, so I don't feel like all that alone here!" commented Konoka about the story.

"Heh, thanks I guess."

"Ah, cheer up, I would feel good about Konoka trying to cheer you up! She knows when someone feels down!" exclaimed Asuna.

"Haha, okay then."


2-A found themselves in math class. To be precise, it was pre-algebra.

"Why is there a boy in my class?" asked the teacher.

"It is alright, the dean allows him here," said Fumika.

The teacher shrugged and wrote a graphing substitution problem on the board, "Now, can anyone tell me what this is?"

None of the hands went up. The classroom was silent, and only the silent hum of an air conditioner could be heard. Seth looked around to see if any of the students were willing to raise their hands. He was sitting at a desk in the back of the class. "Well, if there isn't anyone to volunteer, maybe someone should be volunteered," said the professor. He then picked Kasumi. Kasumi was speechless, and she let out a few sounds of dismay. She looked around and then looked back at the teacher, "I-I-I, um..."

Seth came to the rescue. He rose and approached the board. "Let me see here," he said as he politely took the chalk from the professor's hand. He stood for a second, hand on his chin as he thought about the first second. About fifteen seconds passed when the professor looked over his shoulder from the sitting position at his desk.

"I think that is enough little sir."

The teacher was stifled upon seeing the entire problem worked out. An average student would take about a minute to even work the first side of this algebra problem, but he solved it in less than thirty seconds. Who was he copying off of?

The teacher wrote another problem on the board. And again, in another fourteen seconds, he poked the teacher to show he was done. The teacher growled in frustration, so the process continued. Each time, the girls would giggle a little harder until it was full blown laughter. "If you are so smart, why don't you teach them how to do it?"

"Okay. Well, it is simple really. First, you look one of the algebraic expressions to say either 'x' or 'y' equals whatever the expression is. Then, you simply substitute the, uh, the corresponding letter with the expression. Once this is done, work it out to simplify and isolate the variable, in this case 'y.' Now, that you know that that 'y' is 4, now you substitute the 'y' in this problem up here, that has the 'x equals.' Then, you do the same thing, simplify it and work it out like a normal problem," explained Seth. The girls started to jot these tips down. The teacher was aggravated as he watched his class hijacked by a mere student and wrote one final problem. The problem seemed like it would take over seventy steps to fully complete the problem, the teacher laughed almost maniacally.

Seth looked at the teacher, and then back to the problem. Then he turned to the class, oblivious to the frustration and dismay of the professor, "Thank you Professor Makeinu*. This is an example in which you can actually use a shortcut and simply plug this top one up here into the bottom."

The girls were laughing so hard, that even Evangeline was smiling, if you could call that a smile. The teacher's face got so red that he had to leave the class for two minutes just to cool down. When he came out, he politely asked Seth to sit down or "help the girls," but that was all. So, Seth sat down, as the advice he had given pretty much laid it all out for the girls to work them easily.


"So, what do you think of Seth?" asked Negi as he was walking down the hall. Asuna was walking behind him, and when she heard the question, she was almost confused on how Negi knew she was there. Then, of course, she remembered his magic. Sometimes, Asuna simply forgot that Negi was no ordinary child. Sometimes, she thought of him as a friend.

"Um, well. He is okay, heh. I guess."

"What do you mean?" he asked as he looked to Asuna as she took her position next to him.

"Well, he is funny and a good teacher. But I need to actually know who he is before I can tell you what I think of him. Why do you care anyway?" she asked.

"Well, I figured that Seth could be friends with you and I," and with that, Asuna's facial expression showed confusion.


"Haven't you noticed, Asuna? He seems to take a liking to me and you. He tags along with us an awful lot," he said as he and Asuna walked to their dorms.

Asuna smiled at Negi, recalling the math class earlier that day, "Yeah, come to think of it, you are right."


Seth walked back to his dorm that night, still feeling somewhat confident and good about his day. Only having four classes now, as he had completed two other classes just yesterday. Honestly, Seth did not know how he had progressed so quickly in all the classes. He had four free periods now, and he still was kept in eighth grade. It was strange, but he never gave it much thought. Sometimes, he thought, he just had to let thinks go.

As he contemplated these things by himself, three boys came from the shadows behind him.

"Seeeeth, good buddy! Where were you today?" asked the biggest of all the kids as he patted Seth's shoulder, rather harshly.

"You know full n' well where I was."

"Hanging out with the girls, wimp. I see someone is confused about his gender."

The other two boys stifled giggles and surrounded Seth. Seth backed up from the other two, only to bump into the biggest of all of them.

The area around the scene was pitch black with the exception of the occasional street lamp lighting the way to each section of the academy. The light was yellow, and small little bugs fluttered graciously in the night sky. The temperature was slightly nippy, but it was getting close enough to Spring that people could dress comfortably.

"Maybe if you want to hangout with the girls like a wimp, you should just become one."

"Ehehehe, lets kick him and see if it actually hurts!" said one of the boys as he pointed at Seth and hopped up and down with glee.

The bigger kid pummeled Seth to the ground. The other boys started to kick him in the stomach and even the face. Every kick rewarded the assailants with the yelp or cry of the sobbing boy. This went on for a good five minutes when Seth lost consciousness. The bigger boy kept kicking, but the two others stopped, "Uh, Greg. He is isn't yelling anymore!"

"I am scared, I think we killed him!"

"Oh, man! Let's get outta here!"

The bigger boy finally realized what they were talking about and rushed back to his dorm, letting the completely injured Seth to lay on the walking path.


Negi woke up in his bed. Several times Negi had found himself sleeping with Asuna. Asuna did not take it well at first, but when she learned of his past, she took it a little easier. Negi's bed was above the closet at the back of the room. A small wooden ladder was propped, allowing the little ten-year old boy to climb up and down. Konoka was cooking food, for it was Saturday, the weekend and the kitchens were closed. Negi offered to help, and Konoka let him. So they cooked in the kitchen for several minutes until breakfast was done.

But as they both sat down to eat, as Asuna had gone to deliver papers in the early morning, both heard commotion outside.

"Clear the hallways girls, we have an emergency!"

"He is stable, and luckily he protected himself all the right ways! He has no broken bones!"

Negi opened the door to see what was happening. He saw Sakurado and asked her what it was about, "What is all the excitement about?"

"Some boy got smacked around last night, he is in the nurses office. I think it was the boy that goes to our classes everyday!"

Immediately Negi rushed to the infirmary to see Seth. He was sitting up, a small clip with a wire stretching to a machine was on his finger. "How are you, Seth? I hope you are okay?"

"I-I am fine. Really, I am! Heh, those idiots do not know how to break bones. They failed to realize that using my arms to block a lot of their kicks helps more than one would think!" but after he laughed out the statement, he looked back to the floor and his smile left his face.

"Well, I am just glad you are okay," he said as he patted Seth's shoulder. Seth twitched at the pain that shot up his arm.

"Hay man, I may have not broken any bones, but it hurts like crap!" he said.

"Sorry, just trying to make you feel better."

"Thanks, I think I can walk now."

He lifted himself out of bed and shuffled over to the nurse on duty, "Thanks, I think I am okay."

"Are you sure!?" she asked, surprised at the stamina of the boy. So, after several minutes of questions and tests, he was free to go. He did not have any major injuries, save a bruise or two. So, both Negi and Seth went back to their dorm. Upon arriving, Sakurado was still there to see if Seth was okay.

"I am fine, it wasn't much."

The girl let out a sigh of relief, but around the corner, several more could be heard. Negi smiled and peered around the corner to see the entire 2-A class hiding. After much embarrassment and laughing, they all went to perform all their activities during their free time. As they entered, Asuna had arrived and she was eating.

"Are you okay, we all heard and I was just so worried!" exclaimed Konoka, and she grabbed Seth's hand. At this, Seth's mouth opened, mostly from the surprising movement, and she dragged him down to the table in the dorm and offered him some food. Despite him politely telling her he felt comfortable, she cooked him some food anyway.

Negi and Konoka asked all sorts of questions about the event. Negi finally asked him a question, "When do you think the girls will stop acting so worried. I mean, I know it seemed bad, but you seem fine! It mustn't have actually been that bad."

"No, it wasn't. I suppose after a day or two things will go back to normal. To be honest, I don't like all the attention either," he laughed as he finally took a bite of the food Konoka had whipped up. Within a minute, the television was on again, but Asuna had added a comment.

"Seems to me you need to learn how to defend yourself," she bluntly stated.

"Yeah, I guess. None of the guys at school think I'd be worth their time though," he muttered.

"Well, one of the girls here can help you! We have some pretty powerful fighters here," said Negi.

"Thanks, I will see about it after I eat," he said as he took another bite. Konoka was pleased that he had forced himself to eat the food, just because she had went through the trouble of cooking it.


Seth found himself dressed in a ridiculous fighting robe as he learned several defense and fighting techniques from Ku, the most impressive fighter there. As Ku demonstrated and Seth tried, Asuna and Negi watched. Occasionally laughing if anything awkward happened, or Negi giving confident-building comments. By the end of the afternoon, Negi and Asuna came back from town with groceries to see Ku asking Seth something.

"Okay, now try to fight me."

Asuna leaned down to Negi's ear, "You know, that is like signing a death warrant."

But Negi was confident that nothing would happen. So, Seth through a punch, Ku caught the arm and flipped him so he landed on his feet, but his arm was twisted and still in her grasp. Quickly, Seth moved his left foot and swept Ku's legs from under her, and she fell to the ground, releasing Seth's arm. But as she fell, she grabbed his leg and yanked him down with her. As he tumbled to the ground, he twirled so he would land on his back. Ku was up before Seth even hit the ground and had her foot on his chest.

"That was pretty good, no one has ever gotten that close to an even fight," laughed Ku as she put her hands on her hips and stood proud of yet another win, "I have never lost before, and I-"

Seth twisted so his upper body faced the ground at a diagonal position with his arms supporting the weight, and the legs grabbed one of her victoriously-posed arms, which sent her flying to the ground. She yelled in anger, "Oh come on! I was in the middle of my victory speech, that doesn't count!"

After a lot of big talk, Ku left in rage. "What is her problem?"

"She had never been beaten before."

"I still cannot believe I won. My arm is still soar though..."

Negi and Asuna took Seth back to the room, it was already getting dark outside. Asuna, Negi, and Konoka were sitting on their seats as Seth, after asking permission from Konoka, picked an ice cold cream-pop and plopped down on a cushion next to Asuna. He started to unwrap the treat as Asuna and Negi talked.

"So, what would that be in English?" asked Asuna.

"Well, that would be pronounced like the second form of the letter 'u,' you know, as in the way we pronounce 'Ku.'"

"Oh, I get it!" laughed Asuna. She was slowly getting English, but when she did get it, she managed to speak it well.

"Ow!" yelled Seth. Konoka was standing beside him in a flash.

"Ohhh, is everything okay? Are you hurt?" she asked in her nicest voice.

Negi leaned over to Asuna, "Do you think Konoka has a crush on Seth?"

"Are you kidding me? She acts like this whenever anyone is hurt. Remember when you simply stubbed your toe on the door, she went ballistic!" she whispered loudly.

"No! No! It is not like that, but thank you Konoka. I am fine. Guys, watch this," he stuck his tongue out and put it on the freezer burnt frozen-ice bar. It stuck pretty well, and with his mouth open and tongue sticking out he asked, "Na wah, Ah mm goi koo rip et oth."

The sound of his tongue ripping off the ice was louder than the television and as it happened everyone squinted their eyes as Seth let out a sign of pain, "Mmmmmmmmhhhhhh..."

Then he started laughing hard, "I do not know what it is about it, but it is just plain funny," he did it again. Everyone squinted a second time. "Really, you should try it!"

As he proceeded to do it a third time, Asuna scolded him, "Stop! Playing! With! The! Food! And stop acting like a child!"

Seth instantly flopped back down and sat eating the frozen bar of fruitiness. Asuna turned to Negi, "Goodnight, Negi. I am going to go to bed," she yawned and got ready to climb into the bed.

"'Night, Asuna," said Konoka.

As Asuna fell asleep, she heard someone slide off the couch and the pitter-patter of feet going into the kitchen. She heard the refrigerator door open softly and close. The pitter-patter went back onto the cushion, and the sound of a body hitting the fabric could be heard. In a matter of seconds, she heard the sound of a tongue being ripped off of the ice bar.


Makeinu* - Means underdog or loser in Japanese.
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