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I always find it priceless how we're the only species that tries to minimize the suffering of the animals which we eat and co-exist with, and in this day and age have many who feel horrible and think it is wrong to eat the lesser species of the food chain which we dominate.

Not to mention most of these organizations which want us to cut out eating meat together never fully understand the extreme ramifications which would ultimate happen if we did just cut meat out of our lives completely, as typically hunting is also frowned upon by these organizations.

Not to say that I don't feel a bit badly for some of the conditions for these slaughterhouses and conditions for raising some of these animals. I just don't feel that many of these videos, which are taken by people in the bottom of the barrel slaughterhouses and chicken farms, can accurately represent all conditions. Because they certainly never show the raising conditions for sleepy little farms and small slaughterhouse owners all across America who care about the conditions of their animals living and ultimate death, do they? Certainly not.
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