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Default Re: Starting with all 3 starters?

Originally Posted by Natolio View Post
I don't want to raise any hopes here, I'm not going to say there is a special way you can do this other than trading haha. I was just wondering if it is going to be worth my time getting a second DS and both Black/White versions of the game so I can have all 3 starter pokemon from near enough the beginning of the game? I know that eventually I will need to get a hold of all 3, but I'm just wondering if they are worth the effort?

Basically what I am saying is are starter pokemon actually any good? I remember Charizard used to be good. But then I haven't played since Gold/Silver, and I didn't have the internet back then, so he was probably rubbish haha.

Like I said I have just got back into the games after a LONG time of not playing, and I am finding it to be a MASSIVE information overload. There are all kinds of things that I have never heard of like:
EVs / IVs
Shiny Pokemon <- what are these? Just different coloured pokemon? How do you get them? Randomly?
etc etc

Thanks in advance
Well for starters (no pun intended), EV's/ IV's just help with battling if your rlly into it.
Natures are the same, and they define the EV's and IV's
Shiny pokemon are just trophies and are really rare. like 1/8492 or something. give or take a hundred
Abilities are like blastoise has torrent, which means its water attacks are stronger when health is low.

The three starter pokemon, depending on which set, are useful, and possibly worth your time, but its really a personal choice. if you really want to use the original starters for black and white then go for it. Every pokemon has its strengths and weaknesses, obviously. pretty much just look around for your favorites and check their stats.
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