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Default Re: Starting with all 3 starters?

Originally Posted by Natolio View Post
Ok thanks guys :) Seems like a bit of a daft question on retrospect! Oh well haha. I am thinking I will get into the battling seriously. So do you HAVE to use items such as Iron and Protein to get the best stats out of your pokemon? If so how do I go about it? Do I just give them like 10 of each item and level it then repeat?
Giving it 10 of the vitamins only gives it 100 EVs in any stat. IVs, or Individual Values, are preset at birth. EVs, or Effort Values, come from battles. Any Pokemon can have a max of 510 EVs, with 255 max in one stat. 252 is all you'd need because the last 3 aren't ever counted in. EV training is useful if you want an abnormaly strong Pokemon. i.e. I just finished breeding a Rash Blastoise with 31 IVs in Special Defence. I EV trained it's Special Attack. My original Blastoise had 197 special attack at level 100, my new Blastoise has 272 Special Attack at level 100. And because it had 31 IVs in Special Defence the Rash nature didn't have a really bad side effect.

If there's anything you need help with, Serebii has a helpful page right here that helps explain the game mechanics.
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