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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] [Fan fic of the year 2010]

Flop just huffed and took her brother by the paw. They spun and disappeared into the forest; the last glimpse of eye contact was shared between me and Skop seconds before he was whisked away by his sister.

“...Whatever,” I grunted with indifference, and began my path back to the colony.

I had a few minutes of silence before my ears twitched. I flicked my eyes from side to side without shifting my head, padding cautiously through forest undergrowth. More rustling was apparent and I quickened my pace, setting my eyes on each tree trunk as I passed beside them.

Seizing the chance, I whirled around and fired a flamethrower, hearing a surprised vocal noise. Before the flames could clear, I found myself still after a rumble sounded from behind me. I sighed, annoyed with myself for not sensing any other pokémon before the worse happened. I smelled earth and rock, and a pokémon roughly my size materialised from the smoke before me. He was dark grey with silver plates and stood on four legs. As he shook off, I took note of his icy blue eyes and the steel bracelets hugging his ankles. The lairon narrowed his eyes before I jerked my head to the left. A pokémon of different shades of grey trudged closer, his threatening tusks a compliment to his strong trunk. His stubby legs managed to carry him all the way to my side.

“You,” the donphan grunted with a cocky edge to his voice. “Calm your sweet little self down. All we want is some answers. You co-operate and things won’t have to get ugly.” He wasn’t intentionally threatening, and I realised that the ‘cocky edge’ was merely the way he spoke. He seemed somewhat reasonable despite his words.

“Ugly how?” I tested, excited despite my being outnumbered. “How do you know I don’t have reinforcements waiting to spring you now?” The side of my face rose into a daring smile.

The trio let amused chuckles fill the air around their mouths before the ground type answered, “Because I can tell when a pokémon’s bluffin’.” He made a movement with his trunk to whatever scum had my back covered, and to my surprise he stepped away. I wasn’t sure if that was an indication that I was allowed to go – which seemed unlikely – or what. “If it makes things easier for you, Kuzi here won’t stand so close.”

I flung my head over my shoulder to identify my capturer: he was a rhyhorn. Very sturdy and seemed like solid, plated rock on four legs, complete with a horn and determined eyes. “Good,” I replied, wondering what in the world these pokémon wanted. They weren’t readied for battle, and didn’t seem overly hostile—not towards me, at least.

“First question—and don’t even think about lying to us,” the lairon warned, his deep voice more intimidating than the donphan’s. “Do you or do you not know a male houndoom?”

My brow furrowed. ‘A houndoom?’ Figuring I had nothing to lose, I answered, “Well, I...” I stopped. I was unsure about the question’s nature. If I said I did and gave them his previous location, perhaps I would be endangering him. Not that I had a reason not to pay him out. “Not personally, no.” Still unsure of their intentions, I asked a question of my own. “Why do you wanna know?”

We ask the questions, not you,” the lairon hissed.

“Gee, nobody taught you manners, did they?” I murmured to myself, to which he growled:


But the donphan only chuckled. “Answers before questions,” he told me.

I thought about that for a second. “Alright, then... No. I don’t know a male houndoom.”

The lairon stepped forward and rumbled, “Don’t lie!”

I proceeded to occupy the space behind me with a leg of my own, growling, “Don’t assume I am.”

“I’ll do what I like, flareon.”

“It’s Dusty.”

At this point the donphan took his place between us. “I beg your pardon, miss, but we haven’t been properly introduced. The name’s Cutch. And this is Krenta and Kuzi.” He motioned with his trunk to the lairon and the rhyhorn respectively. “You see, we’re after this houndoom character for his sneaky and traitorous habits. He has something that I want.”

My suspicion moved in like a cloud of mist, and I asked with amused, narrowed eyes, “And what would that be? Treasure? His head?”

“Heh heh!” Cutch chuckled again. “This kid ain’t bad!” His eyes met with his comrades before he settled back to me. “If you think o’ somethin’, I’ll be ‘round.”

‘Hmm,’ I thought once they moved off in the opposite direction I was travelling, watching all three tails (so to speak—Kuzi was short on such a thing) disappear between increasing foliage. Shrugging, I spent the whole way back shuffling between possibilities how that houndoom had managed to get himself into trouble with pokémon that didn’t look too forgiving. ‘No doubt he did something shameless like steal.’

Entering the colony’s grounds, I took note that not a single pokémon occupied the open space. The campfire had burned out, of course, and all that remained were memories of last night; berry juice and dried fat lay in spots on logs and the bland packed soil. I didn’t pay it further attention before striding towards Den Row when a sudden thought revived itself and prodded my brain. ‘Oh...I was supposed to check up on Splash to make sure he was okay this morning,’ I realised, changing my course of direction and passing Den Row rather than travelling up the path. I headed toward the southeast boarders where I would encounter the fruit shack thing, which was where I was told I’d find the pokémon standing guard.

“Each member of the colony takes turns in checking up on Splash, because he guards the shed every night,” Ikari had told me after discussing the daycare job with me. I thought it typical that I would be blessed with the responsibility of checking on him early each morning for a week.

‘Lucky those buizel woke me up. I would have forgotten otherwise.’

As I approached the shed, I remembered that it was the place I crashed the first time I turned up at the colony. I wondered why, if Splash was on guard that night (since he supposedly was every night), he didn’t stop me. I wasn’t sure, but I hadn’t met Splash, so I didn’t know what he was like, either. In fact, I’d forgotten what kind of pokémon he was.

Padding closer, I casually rounded the left side of the shack and appeared before its entrance. A somewhat aqua pokémon was standing mindlessly beside it, seeming to be off in a daze before turning to me with a wide, blank smile.

“Uhh... Hey...Splash,” I began slowly, his eyes focused on me with an innocent but hollow stare. As he kept staring, I turned around hesitantly, spying nothing else that the quagsire could have fixed his gaze onto. “Um... Are you alright?”

The water and ground type continued his silent behaviour, and just as I was about to spin ‘round to leave, he blurted, “Quaaaaaag.” And that was all.

“Um...okay?” I was at a loss for words before saying, “What...what does that mean? Is it...some kind of ancient quagsire dialect?” It must have been. Either that or he was messing with me.

“Quaaag,” he repeated, his contentment apparent as he turned and faced the forest once more, his tail merely an inch away from the wooden wall of the shed. His front paws were kept resting on his belly and his smile remained, much to my confusion. I figured I would ask someone else about his strange nature later, but in the meantime I could rest.

Skipping happily across the field of open land before I would reach Den Row or the strip of forest separating it from the daycare’s side of the land, I noticed that the Sun still hadn’t risen. The clouds had begun drifting at their leisurely pace across the sky, leaving a trail of broken cloud particles which hurried to catch up again. Bird pokémon’s chirps were only just beginning, but I knew they wouldn’t wake the villagers; their songs were often peaceful and hardly loud, and these pokémon were used to the outdoorsy sound of nature. So was I, of course, although there was the odd occasion of sleeping in a poké ball...which was impossible again until I returned to Master.

Passing the strip of trees separating two sections of the colony’s land, I heard that infamous rustle. Figuring it was a baby pokémon, I ignored it. However, my ears wouldn’t be put to rest as more sounds and subtle voices whispered from between the trees, and I became suddenly suspicious. My first assumption was of the houndoom I already held a grudge against, and who was apparently in trouble with other pokémon equally as grudging. ‘Hang on... Why would that houndoom be talking to himself? And if he was talking to someone else, who?’ My fur stood on end as I sensed that whoever was behind the cluster of trees starting off the strip of forest was not someone I knew, and neither was it someone welcome.

Just as I went to spit out a threat, I leapt backwards at the sight of long, stringy vines. They were suspended in mid air, and it took me longer than it should have to register that they were controlled by a pokémon—a grass type. Without hesitation I unleashed a stream of fire at them, but they recoiled quickly and disappeared within the trees. The chatter had subsided, and as I went to take a collection of steps in reverse, my limbs seized up. It felt as though I was paralysed, and, well...I must have been! ‘I...I can’t move!’ A rush of desperation zipped through my bloodstream, and I knew I was at a major disadvantage. ‘If only it had been that darn houndoom! And where are those ground, rock and steel types when you need them?!’

To my surprise, not two, but three figures emerged from within the trees, each a different size, type and species—not your usual pack mates or group of friends. The first to appear was tiny and must have only come up to my mane. He was round and cream, and on his body were triangular patterns. He grinned a surprisingly malicious grin for someone so small and innocent-looking, and I suffered a moment of chills.

The next pokémon was a Mr. Mime. He was much taller, had sections of pink and white, and was shaped similarly to a human. His blue head fur sprouted from each side in a scraggly, unkempt manner, yet remained stiff. He was concentrating on something close to me judging by his body language and line of sight, and it was only a matter of moments before I discovered he was using psychic powers on me to restrict my movements.

The third pokémon to reveal himself was somewhat stout and resided on four stumpy legs, and I instantly knew he didn’t fit in with his colleagues. His vines were exposed and ready to strike, coming from the opening bud on his back. As soon as our eyes met, my breathing became caught within my throat. He flinched with genuine surprise, and I instantaneously realised that I knew him. His wide eyes and lack in movement twisted in a corrupt exchange of eye contact before I took the liberty of issuing a lengthy inhalation. I couldn’t help but stammer, and I could tell he knew what was coming.

*NOTE: The mention of "Sky Warriors" has absolutely no relevance or connection to the pokemon movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior, as I haven't even seen it. xD

The lyrics of Sixteen Years were edited by me for this story alone, but the song itself belongs to Tina Arena. <333

Once again, sorry for the epically long wait. From the pachirisu part to the end of the chapter was written in two days, believe it or not. xDD That's what happens when I don't write for ages!

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