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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Here's the sixth gym.

Gym name:Zolora Gym
Black belt Norman
Opening quote:"Embrace within our upcoming battle right now!"

Moves:Revenge Swagger Sucker punch Mud bomb

Moves:Submission Vital throw Focus energy Revenge

Moves:Fake out Bulk up Focus energy Brick break

Defeating quote:"Good, good. Good on you."
Prize money:$499
Afterwards quote:"One time a day okay."

Battle Girl Cyndy
Opening quote:"Hiyaa, that was nice, wasn't it?"

Moves:Belly drum Force palm Brine Fake out

Defeating quote:"Ow! My hand hurts."
Prize money:$852
Afterwards quote:"Go on. Be careful of what you do though."

Black Belt Tyson
Opening quote:"Ohh, I will win."

Moves:Meditate Mind reader Hi jump kick Double kick

Moves:Thunderpunch Ice punch Fire punch Vacuum wave

Defeating quote:"Ohh, I lost."
Prize money:$649
Afterwards quote:"Treasure every moment."

Battle girl Paula
Opening quote:"Fighting types are the best, eh?"

Moves: Flame wheel Fury swies Mach punch Feint

Moves: Peck Sand-attack Quick attack Bulk up

Moves: Counter Reversal Force palm Copycat

Moves: Ice punch Meditate Hi jump kick Confusion

Defeating quote:"I lost?! Stay calm Paula."
Prize money:$1,008
Afterwards quote:"Sorry, I have uncontrollable anger. Please forgive me."

Black Belt Jayden
Opening quote:"Hiyaa, the strong iron hand. Invincible."

Moves: Focus energy Seismic toss Swagger Low kick

Moves: Revenge Rolling kick Pursuit Counter

Defeating quote:".............."
Prize money:$870
Afterwards quote:"............."

Gym Leader Brea
Opening quote:"Yes, you're here to challenge me. My name is Brea, the gym leader. As you know, my gym specializes Fighting type pokemon. They're tough, they're skillful, and they're the best. Now, let our battle begin!"

Moves: Leech seed Sky uppercut Spore Drain punch

Moves: Metal claw Bone rush Drain punch Dark pulse

Moves: Hypnosis Focus punch Brine Ice beam

Moves: Psycho cut Night slash Leaf blade Drain punch

Defeating quote:"HOW?! Oh, I've got to be honest, I learned quite a lot in our battle. This education will probably make my battling strategies stronger."
Prize money:$3,800
Afterwards quote:"Thank you for a challenging battle. Here you go, the Break Badge. The Break Badge can be able to let you use HM02 Fly. Plus, your pokemon up to Lv50 will definitely obey you. Take this too. TM60 Drain Punch. Drain punch is a punch which can absorb some of the energy from your opponent."

We're 3/4 of the way there.