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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

So I rewrote the introduction to CotV, and would like some feedback. Specifics on the factions are to follow.

Outside the universe, there is nothing.

It has been called Beyond, Hyperspace, Outside, Void, Abyss. Its story has been passed down through the generations of countless worlds in countless galaxies. A hundred thousand species have gazed into it and shuddered, and a hundred million have seen it and wondered.

Whatever its name, the nothing is not empty.

Azkathon dwells in the void.

His name bequeathed in a time when the stars were yet children, his history forgotten by even the most ancient beings, his power horrifying to all who are its witness, Azkathon lies outside the universe, waiting.

In an age before, he had not been content to have patience. Sweeping through the vast emptiness of space, he had devoured all life he came across and he turned galaxy after galaxy into barren wastelands. Yet it was never enough to fill his insatiable hunger. And so, Azkathon created two beings to serve him: one to reap, the other to sow. The former he named Ain. The latter, Arceus.

So the endless cycle of death and rebirth began. Arceus created the worlds, seeded them with life and guided their growth into flourishing places teeming with boundless energy, and Ain came to reap the crop of his power so that the worlds could be delivered up to their master. For an interminable eon this cycle continued, and neither of the two could remember how many steps of their dance had passed.

But this time, something was different. Something new, original, unknown to all that had passed for it, arose on Arceus’s little world. From the depths of the very planet itself, a new race had emerged. Calling themselves “humans”, they showed boundless creativity and infinite potential as creators, not created. They swiftly spread out across the world, conquering land and sea and sky, overcoming their far more well-endowed counterparts in the lands where they lived with sheer force of will, and dream.

This is their story.


Turmoil was wracking the planet. Nations fought and conquered each other. The world was infested with endless war as a hundred different peoples fought for their sovereign existences. In the midst of all this, a single man, Alexander Morbane, delve into a deep cave beneath a once-pristine landscape, and found there a strange stone. Days later, the Millennium Comet passed, and he found himself holding in his hands one ancient yet naïve Wishmaker. Given the offer of a single wish, Morbane took a long look at the world in which he lived, and, believing in his own ability, wished to rule it.

Fast forward two decades. Morbane has united his home region of Johto and now his armies are spreading out across the globe. Nation after nation falls to the Primoris Empire. Soon Morbane has united the entire world into a single, grand empire and only scattered resistance remains to his rule. Yet he is not satisfied with his accomplishments. Believing that only he could truly bring peace, he aimed to conquer the forces of nature. His armies attacked the Legendaries, bending some to his will, and slaughtering those who refused to join his new world order.

Battered and beleaguered, the remaining Legends and their followers that have united to defend themselves against humanity's onslaught gather on the slopes of Mt. Coronet. Many have lost hope; the ones that still dare to dream turn their eyes towards the heavens, searching for a sign from their god, a hope of salvation to turn the tides of this war. Yet as the armies of the Primoris approach, it seems that no hope remains. Surrounded, the Legends and their followers prepare to make their last stand.

From the sky descends a trail of clouds. No sign from Arceus; rather, a nuclear missile, intended to wipe out the resisters once and for all. But as the missile detonates, a miracle: a shining white beam erupts from the tip of Mt. Coronet, followed by an enormous shockwave that shields the mountain from the explosion and flattens the human armies. It would seem that their prayers had been answered.

Wishful thinking indeed. For the beam had been a beacon, prepared in the first churnings that would forge this world to signal its end.

They came. From the endless void beyond the highest reaches of human or Pokemon imagination, they descended from the stars in numbers to blot out the sun. The Ara'kaiz, servants of their god Ain and counterparts to Arceus’s children, launched a massive assault on every major population center in the Pokemon world, slaughter that did not discriminate between Pokemon or human. The Empire is torn to shreds by the sudden assault; what forces remain rally around their Emperor as the outer provinces, left to fend for themselves, attempt to organize around former resistance movements. The Ara’kaiz horrify the humans, their alien appearance and their unearthly power smashing through their attempts to defend themselves. Yet in the Pokemon, they instill a primeval terror, a primitive and instinctual knowledge that these are the harbingers of the world’s end.

Yet the Ara'kaiz themselves are confused and disoriented. They had come when summoned by Arceus's beacon, as they had in every cycle before. But instead of descending upon a verdant green planet filled with life and Pokemon roaming every inch of land, sky and sea, they found a world devastated by war and industry and pollution and death, filled with these strange new creatures called "humans" that had never existed in any cycle before. For Arceus has summoned the reapers before they were ready and when humanity was at its height of strength, in an attempt the break the cycle once and for all. Gathering his strength, he annihilates the Ara’kaiz Mothership, sending its gargantuan carcass plummeting for orbit. The Mothership crashes into Isshu, obliterating the region from existence. But the blow to the Ara’kaiz was far greater, for without their Mothership they lack the ability to sustain their assault. Every soldier became irreplaceable, every loss permanent.

Enraged, Ain takes to the skies, where Arceus seals the two of them in another dimension, so that the battle between gods would not destroy the world. Meanwhile, below, the three races are left to conquer each other as they fight for survival.

Art Gallery
Dali: "I know what the picture should be ... We take a duck and put some dynamite in its derriere. When the duck explodes, I jump and you take the picture."
Halsman: "Don't forget that we are in America. We will be put in prison if we start exploding ducks."
Dali: "You're right. Let's take some cats and splash them with water."

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