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Default Re: Negima Chronicles *Released* (PG13)

Asuna awoke to the sound of her little alarm on her bed. She groaned and reached over to turn it off. She slid out of bed and quickly slipped her working clothes on. As she walked towards the door, Negi stirred in his sleep. Asuna noticed he was going to wake so she comforted him for a second, "Ssssh."

She patted his arm and left the door. Who said she didn't have a motherly side?

As Asuna left the front of the school to go to the delivery station, she came across Seth. "Not beaten up I see, that is good. What are you doing up so early anyway?" she asked.

"Nope, healthy and well, thanks. And honestly, I was going to go to the library. I heard Yue opens it in the morning," the year was obviously nearing Spring now. The wind was still cold, despite the sun being out and it being six o'clock. The sun shined on everything, and gave everything an orange hue. "Anyway, good morning."

"Good morning," she replied.

Asuna walked a few steps ahead, and heard Seth call her by her name, "Asuna, why are you up so early? I still haven't been told on why you do so."

"I work."

"At your age? I have a question for you. Have you even heard of child labor laws?" he asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Yes, I have. Have you ever heard of an orphan?" she asked angrily. But, instead of Seth doing what she expected, he grew angry himself.

"Yeah, I thought the school took care of the crap."

"They do, I just don't want to be a burden," she snappishly replied.

"Why would you think it would be a burden? If so, you must not think anyone cares for you, which if you thought that, you'd be completely mistaken."

"I just do it to be kind. Why are we arguing anyway?" she asked.

"Because I was acting like a smart-guy, I'm sorry," he apologized.

So, after this brief exchange, Seth left to the library. As he approached the library, he grabbed the large golden handle on the large cherry-colored oak door. It creaked open quietly, and as he closed the door, he hunched over as if it would halt the noise from projecting out across the extensive library.

"Hello?" Yue asked.

"Yeah, it is me, Seth. You know fro-"

"I know who you are, welcome. We have thousands of books. Just pick what you would like."

So, Seth left to go pick from the thousands of options for literature. Right after he left, Nodoka popped up from the bottom of the reception desk. "Feel any different?"

"No. He is like all the other boys I come across."



Asuna arrived at the paper station. She walked over to the nice lady who worked there. She always had encouraging and kind words to give to Asuna. She gave her the papers and then told her to be careful. As always, Asuna politely replied, "I will."

She walked down the streets and threw several papers into the mail boxes and door ways with expert precision and accuracy. She had been doing this for so long now, she felt she could handle anything. Then, she got a call on her cell phone, "I am so sorry Asuna, we have one more pile for you to deliver!"

"What? Another pile?"

"Sorry, the person who said they would cover your shift never showed."

"Okay," she replied aggravatingly. She went back to the station, only to notice the time. She read the time and looked back to the lady, took the papers, than walked back outside. "Crap! Crap! Crap! I was supposed to go with Negi into town! Now look at this!" whenever Asuna got angry, her eyes seemed to glow as if a fire was burning. She turned back to walk down her paper route. As soon a she turned, she walked right into Negi and Seth.

"I got some really good books and I recommend this one," he said as they accidently walked into her, holding a book.

"Oh, I am so sorry! Asuna?" Negi asked. "Oh my, I thought we would meet you are the town square, I am terribly sorry. Here! Let me help you pick these up for you."

They both worked together to pick up the mess of papers, but as they did this, Seth read a book on a bench. When Asuna and Negi were done, Asuna thanked Negi, "Thanks."

"No problem. Do you need help to deliver those papers?" he asked cheerfully.

Asuna refused the help, but Negi insisted anyway.

"You know Asuna, refusing help will be the death of you," Seth laughed. Negi chuckled as well, as they walked beside their friend. Seth offered to take a few papers, so Asuna gave him a pile.

"There we have it! We will be an unstoppable paper delivery team! We will deliver the black and whites to your door in a windstorm, in the rain, in the snow, in the fire, even in the war! We are the, Fearsome Awesome Integrity League!" he yelled. And as he yelled this, he made a fist and threw it in the air, using his other arm to clutch the papers. Every time he described the weather, it seemed it would change around them to symbolize the weather.

"You do realize that spells fail, right?" asked Asuna.

"Fearsome, f, awesome, a, integrity, i, league, l... Wow, well... How about Lords Of Savory Epicness!"

"That spells lose," giggled Negi.

"Erk... Well, no matter! We will win this awesome paper passing out thingy," he then turned. Unfortunately, there was a street light over Seth's head. And on this street light, there loomed a creature, a furry one. That furry creature lunged on Seth's head.

"Aah! I am being robbed!"

"A monkey!?" exclaimed Asuna.

"Wot are the chances?" asked Negi.

Seth wrestled with the monkey, but it made off with several papers. They all pursued the monkey, but all their attempts were futile.

"Aw, what will we do now?" moaned Asuna. Negi squinted and turned to her.

"I will get them back for you," he said and turned around a corner and into an alley. Seth looked puzzled.

"You know, the monkey went in the opposite direction, right?"

"I don't know," lied Asuna, "but he always manages to get whatever he is after."

Negi hopped on his staff and proceeded to fly after the monkey. The monkey held several papers as it looked up at Negi flying in the sky. Its face showed both confusion and wonder, how could a human fly? Negi chased the monkey as it ran roof top to roof top, dodging every swoop and attempt Negi made at attempting to snatch the papers back. The monkey leaped off the two story building and swung off another lamp post. He landed in the street. Several cars were forced to stop upon seeing the monkey, luckily no one saw Negi.

Negi chased the monkey into an alley, but saw no one. Where was that little rascal? He looked behind a dumpster and then in a trashcan, he then walked over to the wall which made the alley a dead end to find the papers simply laying there. The monkey must have bugged out, "Oh well. Thank goodness I was able to save these papers," he said as he picked up the papers.

But above the alley, a young girl was standing there, watching. "Oh, little Negi, your good... but I'm better."


When Negi, Asuna, and Seth finally arrived home, it was four o'clock. It was a little too late to go out shopping. "I am sorry Negi, I thought we could have gone to the town today, but all we did was deliver newspapers."

"It is quite alright, I do not mind helping out a friend."

Did he just call Asuna a friend? Nah, that couldn't have been.

"You know, as I said this morning, doing the job isn't necessary," added Seth.

"I don't want to weight anybody down," she said.

"You know, not only is the fact that you can't rely on anyone going to get you killed, it is your boundless pride. Why don't you let someone help you?" he asked. He was serious about the matter.

"Well, I just."

"Asuna, it is okay. I can pay your tuition for this month, and next weekend and then we can all go together," said Negi as he placed his hand her on the shoulder.

"I ain't no one's kid!" she yelled.

"No one said you were. You need to rely on people sometimes," Seth said. But, as usual, stubborn Asuna ignored him and Negi.

So, the group of friends entered their dorms and ate. They explained all the things they did that day to Konoka, and then went to bed. Tomorrow, was a school day.


Makie was walking during the night, alone, off campus. She needed to go somewhere, but the class did not remember. As she was walking, she heard rustling in the trees. She spun around to see nothing there. The swirled back around, trying to think nothing of it, but something kept nagging her.

Above her, sat a girl, pranced on a lamp post, which was on. "Come my dear, I need to drink some of that blood."

"Aaaaah!" she screamed.


The next day, everyone, the entire class, was seated at the lunch table. Negi was having trouble picking up his food, and was constantly picking food up correctly, but then losing hold of it and dropping it straight back to the ground. Every girl was busy gossiping about what happens on Asakura Boulevard.

"Did you read the paper?"

"Nah, that picture doesn't prove nothin'"

"Watchya doin'?"

"We hear that there is a vampire on Asakura Boulevard, and every night, she comes to suck your blooood!" answered Seth as he terrified the two twins, Fuuka and Fumika, with false fangs. Everyone laughed at the joke, but then went straight back to talking about the rumors.

Asuna had her head rested in her left hand, and her right on her fork, "You know, I can't believe that they believe in a vampire," she muttered.

"What did you say Asuna?" asked Negi.

"On second thought, if wizards exist, vampires must not be too far fetched," she said, eyes squinted in mischief.

"Asuna! Watch what you say around the class!" he flailed around. Nobody really knew what Negi was talking about, but that was of no concern, they went right back to talking about the rumors.

"Professor Springfield! Professor Spriiiiingfieeeld! Come quick!" Ako yelled in desperation and fear. Negi and the rest of the children looked up at Ako.

Several days ago, Negi was put up to the challenge to become a full-fledged official teacher, as long as his class did not come in last place for semester exams. Ako was one of the top scorers, and she was also part of the health club. He knew something was wrong, since she spent most of her time in the infirmary.

"What is it?" asked Negi hastily.

"It is Makie! She is not okay!" she yelled.

Everyone was gone in a flash to the nurse's office. When the group arrived on the scene, there was only the sound of one thing for several seconds, "Omnomnomnomnomnom..."

Everyone turned to see Seth still eating a bowl of food, offering Negi another bowl. Negi almost completely ignored the offer, but when Asuna turned, she assumed that they were goofing around, "Okay, you two! Act like adults!"

So, after the food was thrown in the trash, an action of which Seth and even Negi detested they turned to see the victim. As the group looked at Makie, she was frozen in some form of nervous shock. Everyone was scared and mumbling, "Do ya think she's gonna die?"

"I hope not!"

"Wake up, Makie."

Makie's odd-looking shock left her and she yawned and turned over, "Oh, I would love to stay and have a cup of tea."

The entire class was appalled by such calm and indifferent behavior. "Ako, you gave us quite a scare," scolded Harlina.

After much apologizing, the rumors still continued to circulate throughout the school. But Negi felt something, he felt something terribly different, "There's something odd about Makie... I can now sense something... an odd faint feeling, but it feels of magic."
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