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Exclamation Rules and Information [Read First!]

Welcome to PE2K's Battling Center. Here you will find Opponents to battle Via WiFi or an Online Battle Simulator. First, there are a few things we must go over.

General Rules
  1. Be sure to follow all of PE2K's Standard Rules Found Here
  2. Be kind and respectful to everybody.
  3. Spamming and flaming other members will not be tolerated. Punishments will be given out as necessary. Please contact any Battling Center Mod or GMod to handle the situation.
  4. Be sure to stay on topic and that your post are relevant to the thread you're posting in.
  5. Looking for a quick battle. Please refer to the Challenge Finder.
  6. Wanting to host a tournament please post it here: Tournaments

Currently, there are only two types of thread you're allowed to make. Those being Clan threads and Battle Log threads. Other Misc threads can still be posted, just run it by a Battling Center Mod, or GMod First!

Battle Log Rules
  1. You're allowed only one thread. So make use of it.
  2. If you wish to create a new thread, please inform a Battle Center Mod or GMod to have your thread closed before starting
  3. your new thread.
  4. You are allowed to list the names of opponents you've faced.
  5. You can not list what the score was. Only specify if it was a Win, Loss or Draw.
  6. This is not a Battle Thread. It's only meant to keep track of your own personal battle records.

For all information in regards to Clans please refer to the Clan Index.