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Default Trading Depot [For All Your Small Trading Needs!]

Welcome to the Trading Depot! The main source for all your small trade needs.

Trading Depot Rules:
  1. Follow all Forum rules: Found Here
  2. Make sure you've read the Trading Center Rules before posting.
  3. You must have/expect to have the Pokemon you're putting up for trade.
  4. You must have WiFi.
  5. Only Post your Wanted/Trading List here, and make all trades through IM/PM.
  6. Replies posted to some ones request will be deleted.
  7. Specify if the Pokemon you're trading is Legit, Semi-Legit, or Hacked.

Post Format:
Please use the following format to make your trading process faster. Feel free to edit the format to suit what you need.

In Game Name:
Friend Code:
How you want to be contacted:
Pokemon/Item Want:
Pokemon/Item offered:
Note: If you are looking for/trading specific Pokemon, make sure you include all relevant Information such as:
Level, Gender, Nature, Ability, Effort Values, Individual Values, Moves, and Items. If it's an event Pokemon be sure to include the Original Trainer and ID.

Failure to follow any of the above rules will result in the deletion of your post or a warning for continuous offenses.