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Default Trading Report

Welcome to the Trading Report! Give positive or negative feedback about traders. You can report any and all Trades you make here.

There are people out there that may scam you in a trade. As a forewarning, you should know who you are trading with, and see if they are reliable. If the worst should happen, you can report the trade you had with that member in this thread. Donít create a new thread about it. You also have the option to PM a Trading Center Mod or a GMod, should you want to deal with it privately.

Before you Report:
  1. You need to confront your trade partner first (through PM, posting in the trade thread, or by messenger). Inform him/her that you felt cheated in the trade, and try to work out something between the two of you. The best solution might be to trade the Pokemon back.
    Tip! Be calm and reasoning. Yelling and being rude about it doesnít help.
  2. Youíve tried contacting your trade partner, but got no response. Generally, you should give the other person 1-2 days to respond. You may send another PM reminder, but not so many as to spam their PM box.

Things you can Report:
  1. Received any Pokemon you did not ask for.
  2. Finding out your Pokemon was hacked.
  3. Bad trading experience.
  4. Suspicious activity.
  5. Cloning theft.
  6. Any positive feedback you want to leave about that Trader.

This is a reporting thread, not for full discussion. Only the parties directly involved in any reported trades need post. Just copy the Code below, and add any other categories if necessary.

[b][u]Trade Partner:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Date It Occured:[/u][/b]
[u][b]What Was the Trade:[/u][/b]
[u][b]Positive or Negative:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Explain What Happened:[/u][/b]
Tip! Falsifying a report on another member for any reason, may lead to Infractions or Temp Bans on your behalf. Make sure what you are reporting is true.
Before you trade with someone, you might want to search through this thread to see if they have been reported before. All you have to do is click the Search Thread button at the top right of this post, and type in the member name. A list of reported posts (if any) will show about that member and any feedback (positive or negative) from other members or Mods.

Any Moderator may take any action they see necessary to solve trade scamming situations. While we cannot force members to trade back Pokemon, we can ban them and prevent them from trading with others.

PE2K Forums does not appreciate members that knowingly take advantage of other members through trading. For this reason, we wonít hesitate with Temp and Permanent Bans.
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