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Default Moves List A - B


If anything is incorrect, or needs updating, please inform a Moderator or Official.

1- 1 Enemy
2- 2 Enemies
3- 2 Enemies + 1 Ally
4- All Pokémon in battle
S- Self
A- Ally
P- Party
R- Random Enemy or Ally

#Nr.|Attack| Type | Power | Hit % | PP | Category | Range |


User Pokémon absorbs 1/2 the damage dealt to the Enemy Pokémon.

10% chance to lower SPECIAL DEFENSE -1.

#003|Acid Armor|Poison|n/a|n/a|40|Other|S|
Gain DEFENSE +2.

#004|Acid Spray|Poison|40|100%|20|Special|?|
Lowers the target's Special Defense by two stages.

Power doubles if the user is not holding an item. If the user is holding a Sky Jewel, it will be consumed first, and Acrobat will get the no-item boost in addition to the Sky Jewel boost. Can hit non-adjacent opponents in a Triple Battle.

#006|Acupressure|Normal|n/a|n/a|30|Other|S or A|
User Pokémon randomly gains Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, Accuracy, or Evasion +2. Still works even if Substitute is up. In a Double Battle, either the User Pokémon or Ally can be chosen as the target.

#007|Aerial Ace|Flying|60|n/a|20|Physical|1|
Always hits if Enemy Pokémon is on screen; it ignores all accuracy and evasion modifiers. It misses if Dig, Dive, Fly, Protect/Detect or Bounce are used.

12.5% chance for Critical Hit.

#009|After You|Normal|n/a|n/a|15|Other|S|
After this move is used, the target will attack first the next turn, ignoring priority.

Gain SPEED +2.

#011|Air Cutter|Flying|55|95%|25|Special|2|
12.5% chance for Critical Hit.

#012|Air Slash|Flying|75|95%|20|Special|1|
30% chance to FLINCH.

#013|Ally Switch|Psychic|n/a|n/a|15|Other|?|
{Priority+1} Allows a user on one side of the field to swap places with the Pokémon on the opposite side. Game automatically selects target for you because there is only one option; changes positions with the ally on the far side in a triple battle; will never change positions with the ally in the middle of a triple battle; will fail if the user is in the middle in a triple battle; changes positions with the ally in a double battle; will fail if the user is the last remaining Pokemon; will always fail in a single battle; and does not trigger Pursuit.


User Pokémon has a 10% chance to gain ATTACK, DEFENSE, SPECIAL ATTACK, SPECIAL DEFENSE, and SPEED +1

#016|Aqua Jet|Water|40|100%|20|Physical|1|
Always attacks first. {Priority +1}

#017|Aqua Ring|Water|n/a|n/a|20|Other|S|
Recover 6.25% HP at the end of each turn. This effect is removed when User Pokémon switches or uses U-turn.

#018|Aqua Tail|Water|90|90%|10|Physical|1|
No added effect.

#019|Arm Thrust|Fighting|15|100%|20|Physical|1|
Hits 2-5 times. Roll a 6-sided die to determine the number of times it hits.
1-2 = 2 hits. 3-4 = 3 hits. 5 = 4 hits. 6 = 5 hits.

Cures BURN, CONFUSE, FROZEN, PARALYZE, POISON, TOXIC, and SLEEP from every Pokémon on that team.

Uses a random move from a random Pokémon in Trainer’s party. Can pick moves from a fainted Pokémon. Assist cannot select the following attacks:
Assist, Chatter, Copycat, Counter, Covet, Destiny Bond, Detect, Endure, Feint, Focus Punch, Follow Me, Helping Hand, Me First, Metronome, Mimic, Mirror Coat, Mirror Move, Protect, Sketch, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Struggle, Switcheroo, Thief, Trick

If Enemy Pokémon has received damage on this turn before this move is used, for any reason (Life Orb damage, recoil, Spikes), this move has double power.

30% chance to FLINCH.

#024|Attack Order|Bug|90|100%|15|Physical|1|
12.5% chance of a Critical Hit.

Enemy Pokémon of opposite gender will be induced with the ATTRACT status. 50% chance of not being able to attack every turn. Genderless Pokémon can’t be Attracted. Attract ends when the User or Enemy Pokémon faint, use Shed Shell, switch, Baton Pass, or U-Turn out of the field. Attract does work through Substitute.

#026|Aura Sphere|Fighting|90|n/a|20|Special|1|
Always hits if Enemy Pokémon is on screen; it ignores all accuracy and evasion modifiers. It misses if Dig, Dive, Fly, Protect/Detect or Bounce are used.

#027|Aurora Beam|Ice|65|100%|20|Special|1|
10% chance to lower ATTACK -1.

Raises the user's Speed stat by two stages and decreases the user's weight to half of its original value. This lowers the base power of Heavy Slam (when used by the user of Autotomize), Low Kick and Grass Knot (when targeting the user of Autotomize), since these moves are calculated by the user's weight. Autotomize's weight reduction cannot be Baton Passed.

#029|Avalanche|Ice|60|100%|10|Physical|1 Enemy|
If User Pokémon is hurt by Enemy Pokémon, deals double damage. Always attacks last. {Priority -3}


Hits 2-5 times. Roll one time for accuracy first, then a 6-sided die to determine the number of times it hits.
1-2 = 2 hits. 3-4 = 3 hits. 5 = 4 hits. 6 = 5 hits.

Gain DEFENSE +2.

#032|Baton Pass|Normal|n/a|n/a|40|Other|S|
User Pokémon switches with another Pokémon in your Party.
When this move is executed, the following conditions are passed: Aqua Ring, Block (both on you and your opponent), CONFUSE, Curse (Ghost type), Embargo, Focus Energy/Lansat Berry, Gastro Acid, Ingrain, Leech Seed, Lock-On, Magnet Rise, Mean Look (you can't switch out if the Mean Look's user is still on the field), Mind Reader, Perish Song count, Power Trick, Spider Web (both on you and your opponent), Substitute (keeps its HP), and any Stat boosts and drops.
When a Toxic'd Pokémon uses Baton Pass to a normal Poisoned Pokémon, the normal Poisoned Pokémon will not become Toxic.
In DP Rules, you say what mon will be Baton Pass'd to when the move is executed.

#033|Beat Up|Dark|1|100%|10|Physical|1|
Pokémon on the user's team that are not fainted and do not have a major status condition does an attack on the target. Beat Up uses the Attack of each attacker and Defense of the target, but its BP for each hit = 5 + (Base Attack of Attacker / 10). If the user's Attack is boosted, all Beat Up hits will be boosted as well. Beat Up hits through Wonder Guard, even if the Pokémon isn't weak to Dark. Life Orb only makes the Beat Up user lose 10%.

#034|Belly Drum|Normal|n/a|n/a|10|Other|S|
Gain ATTACK+6 while sacrificing 50% HP. Move fails if User Pokémon has HP 50% or less. If you were at ATTACK -5, it would still bring you to +6.

The user transfers its held item to the target, which can be either an ally or an opponent. It will always fail if the user has no held item or is holding Mail. It also fails if the target already has a held item or is behind a Substitute.

Bide last three turns. The first two turns, User Pokémon takes any damage dealt to it. On the third turn, attacks Enemy Pokémon for twice the damage received. Type resistence is negated. Can hit Ghosts. You can not do anything else while Bide is being used. Always attacks first. {Priority +1}

Traps Enemy Pokémon for 4-5 turns. Does 6.25% damage at the end of each turn, except the last. If User Pokémon switches, Bind ends.

30% chance to FLINCH.

#039|Blast Burn|Fire|150|90%|5|Special|1|
Attacks first turn. Must recharge second turn, can’t be switched out.

#040|Blaze Kick|Fire|85|90%|10|Physical|1|
10% chance to gain BURN. 12.5% chance for Critical Hit.

10% chance to gain FROZEN. Cannot miss in Hail.

Enemy Pokémon can’t be switched as long as User Pokémon remains in battle. Ignores accuracy/evasion modifiers. Pokémon can still escape with Baton Pass, U-Turn, or Shed Shell.

#043|Blue Flare|Fire|130|85%|5|Special|?|
20% chance to burn the target.

#044|Body Slam|Normal|85|100%|15|Physical|1|
Enemy Pokémon has 30% chance to gain PARALYZE.

#045|Bolt Strike|Electric|130|85%|5|Physical|?|
20% chance to paralyze the target.

#046|Bone Club|Ground|65|85%|20|Physical|1|
10% chance to FLINCH.

#047|Bone Rush|Ground|25|90%|10|Physical|1|
Hits 2-5 times. Roll one time for accuracy first, then a 6-sided die to determine the number of times it hits.
1-2 = 2 hits. 3-4 = 3 hits. 5 = 4 hits. 6 = 5 hits.

Attacks two times in one turn.

First turn, User Pokémon bounces up in the sky and can’t be damaged. Attacks second turn. 30% chance to gain PARALYZE. Sky Uppercut and Thunder can hit a Pokémon using Bounce. Gust and Twister double in Power if used during the first turn.

#050|Brave Bird|Flying|120|100%|15|Physical|1l|
User Pokémon is dealt recoil damage equal to 1/3 damage dealt to Enemy Pokémon.

#051|Brick Break|Fighting|75|100%|15|1|
Brick Break destroys Light Screen and Reflect and then hits the Pokémon for regular damage. Cannot break Reflect/Light Screen if the target is immune or if the attack misses.

Power doubles if Enemy Pokémon's HP is 50% or less.

10% chance to lower SPEED -1.

10% chance to lower SPEED -1.

#055|Bug Bite|Bug|60|100%|20|Physical|1|
If Enemy Pokémon is holding any kind of Berry, the User Pokémon takes it and uses it immediately. If the Enemy is holding a Jaboca or Rowap Berry, the Berry has no effect, but is still removed. If the Enemy is holding a Tanga Berry, it activates and reduces the damage of Bug Bite before it can be stolen. If an Embargoed Pokémon uses Bug Bite on a Pokémon holding a Berry, the Berry is destroyed without being activiated.

#056|Bug Buzz| Bug |90|100%|10|Special|1|
10% chance to lower SPECIAL DEFENSE -1.

#057|Bulk Up|Fighting|n/a|n/a|20|Other|S|

Lowers the target's Speed stat by one stage. In double battles, it strikes both the opponents and the user's partner. In triple battles, it strikes all adjacent Pokémon.

#059|Bullet Punch|Steel|40|100%|30|Physical|1|
Always attacks first. {Priority +1}

#060|Bullet Seed|Grass|25|100%|30|Physical|1|
Hits 2-5 times. Roll a 6-sided die to determine the number of times it hits.
1-2 = 2 hits. 3-4 = 3 hits. 5 = 4 hits. 6 = 5 hits.

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