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Default Information about The Ref Quiz

Information about The Ref Quiz

Before you are able take the Ref Test, you must pass the Ref Quiz. There are 30 questions on the Ref Quiz. You must answer 18 out of the 25 short answer questions correctly and 3 out of the 5 battle scenarios to pass the Ref Quiz. You are able to use the full-featured ref calculator for the quiz. Once you pass, the Ref Tester will guide you through the answers you did not get. You must PM your answers to an available Ref Tester. He/she will then send you back the answers that are incorrect. You then respond with your revision of those incorrect answers, and keep doing so until you pass. Nobody except a Ref Tester is able to help you on the Ref Quiz, and you are not able to discuss the Ref Quiz with anyone except a Ref Tester. Any questions about it should be done through PM with one of the Ref Testers. The Ref Testers you can PM your answers to are:

Ash K.
We Taste Pies...


The Ref Quiz

Complete each of the following.

1. An Infernape with no items or stat changes uses Flare Blitz on Gliscor. It then uses Fire Blast on Gliscor. Both moves have the same base power and are the same type. Why does Fire Blast do more damage?

2. Why does Nidoking's (with Poison Point) Sludge Wave do more than Nidoking's Surf to an Ambipom, even though both moves have the same base power?

3. What type of moves are super-effective on Kingdra?

4. What type of moves are super-effective on Tyranitar?

5. What is Zoroark's attack stat after one Nasty Plot?

6. What is the chance of Sheer Cold hitting Blissey in this scenario:
Abomasnow 100% (Accuracy+1)
Blissey 100% (Evasion+4)

7. What is the chance of Grasswhistle hitting Blissey in this scenario:
Abomasnow 100% (Accuracy-1)
Blissey 100% (Evasion+3)

8. What is the chance of Blizzard hitting Blissey in this scenario:
Abomasnow 100% (Accuracy-2)
Blissey 100% (Evasion+4)

9. List 5 moves that Sucker Punch works against. List 5 moves that Sucker Punch fails against.

10. Rain and Sunny weather increase the damage of what type of moves, and by how much? What type of moves do they decrease, and by how much?

11. How do you ref Psyshock?

12. A Pokemon uses Double-Edge and does 101 damage to the opposing Pokemon. How much HP of recoil does the user of Double-Edge take?

13. A Pokemon moves second in a turn and uses Reflect. Does that turn count for Reflect's duration?

14. Politoed with Drizzle and Choice Scarf and Ninetales with Drought and Lum Berry both switch in on the same turn. What weather is in effect at the end of the turn? Why?

15. In a double battle, a Pokemon uses Earthquake and hits its partner and both opponents. What base power is used to calculate the damage for each Pokemon hit?

16. What are the full effects of the Burn status. In what way is it different than normal Poison?

17. An Eelektross is under the conditions of Taunt. The trainer of that Pokemon chooses to use Coil. How do you ref this?

18. Describe Toxic in detail.

19. A Pokemon is confused, paralyzed, and attracted. In what order do you roll to see if a Pokemon can get through these effects to move?

20. How do you roll for a critical hit and how does a critical hit affect the damage done?

21. If you think a trainer does not have a certain taught move on his/her Pokemon, what should you do?

22. What is Giga Drain's power in RSE rules of URPG?

23. Finish this quote from one of the threads: “Referees should be...”

24. If a Dragon Pokemon uses a 120 power Dragon move, do you need to put 180 as the base power of the move in the reffing calculator to account for STAB?

25. Does Life Orb, and similar items, increase a move's base power? If not, what does it increase?


Ref the following like you would as a ref. Call out all attacks. Use the dice rolls that are given, in order. Put in parenthesis what die roll you use for moves and effects. You may or may not end up up using all dice rolls. Example of how to use the rolls.

You are given the dice rolls: 8, 20, 38.

Charmander uses Flamethrower on Clefairy. (roll of 8). Clefairy is burned.
Clefairy uses Sing. (roll of 20) Charmander is put to Sleep.

Gardevoir, Male, Synchronize, Leftovers
Tyranitar, Female, Sandstream, Rocky Helmet

Tyranitar 100% (SpAtk+4)
Gardevoir 100%

Tyranitar uses Rock Slide
Gardevoir uses Focus Blast

dice rolls: 70, 95, 5, 9, 32, 92, 63

Heracross, Male, Guts, Choice Scarf
Froslass, Female, Snow Cloak, Life Orb

Heracross 79.39% (Burn) (Light Screen 3)
Froslass 100%

Heracross uses Megahorn
Froslass uses Blizzard

dice rolls: 67, 71, 18, 83, 92

What is Megahorn's chance of hitting?

Sableye, Male, Prankster, Choice Scarf
Whimsicott, Female, Prankster, Leftovers

Sableye 50.00%
Whimsicott 50.00%

Sableye uses Trick
Whimsicott uses Leech Seed

Is Whimsicott stuck using Leech Seed due to Choice Scarf the next turn?

dice rolls: 1, 1, 1, 1, 100

Mew, Genderless, Synchronize, Air Balloon
Jolteon, Female, Volt Absorb, Iron Ball

Mew 75% (Substitute)
Jolteon 75.14% (Substitute)

Mew uses Bulldoze.
Jolteon uses Thunder Wave.

What are both Pokemon's speed stats at the end of the turn?

dice rolls: 23, 93, 2, 94

Volcarona, Female, Flame Body, Expert Belt
Machamp, Male, No Guard, Black Belt

Volcarona 100%
Machamp 100%

Volcarona uses Hurricane
Machamp uses DynamicPunch

dice rolls: 13, 56, 29, 93, 83, 53

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