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Palkia stared at Arceus in surprise as it roared aloud. Arceus shouted back, "No! You will not take matters into your own hands! You are to stay here! I fear they may attack you as well!" Palkia lowered its eyes nodding, knowing it should not question or go against Arceus as he was very powerful and could easily stop Palkia anyways. Arceus gave a giant yawn as he realized it had been a long time since he had rested. Rayquaza screeched silently as Arceus said, "Fine, I will rest. You two wake me if anything stirs."
The two spread out, keeping in sight of Arceus. Arceus laid down and fell asleep almost immediately. He hadn't realized how tired he really was. As Arceus slept for several hours, he dreamed of all his Pokemon with him. Everyone enjoying the companionship they all brought each other. From the powerful Charizard and the temperamental Primeape, and to the helpless Metapod and pathetic Magikarp, each one was significant.
His dreams turned to Nightmares as it got very cold in the atmosphere. Arceus awoke to hearing the cry of Rayquaza following a loud "thud". Arceus stood up as it saw Rayquaza laying on the ground motionless, except for very labored breathing. Upon surveying the area, Palkia also lay on the ground about fifty feet away. The humans were here! Arceus looked around but saw no one on the ground. Arceus was so confused.
A white spec caught Arceus's eye in the sky. Arceus changed to having flying abilities and flew into the air. As it got closer he noticed it was some kind of creature. It was not a Pokemon. Arceus knew he had not created something like this. As he got within one hundred feet of it, he saw it staring back at Arceus. It was a long creature, most of its body was white and humanoid. Arceus thought it resembled...Mew! But it was not Mew, but closely to an adult version of what Mew might have been. The legs were like an elongated version of Mew's and its arms were longer and the three fingers on each hand were bigger. Its tail was also long and purple, as was its stomach. Its eyes were evil though. Although it looked like Mew, Arceus knew it was not a Pokemon.
It looked at Arceus and spoke, clearly just as Arceus could without moving its lip, "What are you?" The voice itself sounded like a dark, howling wind. Arceus replied, "I am a Pokemon. The first Pokemon. The defender of all the beautiful Pokemon of this world. I am the deity of all Pokemon!" The creature lifted its chin a little higher as it narrowed its eyes says, "You are the one called Arceus..." Arceus ignored the question and asked his own, "What are you?"
The creature stared at Arceus and said, "I am a Pokemon! The ultimate Pokemon!" Arceus shook his head saying, "I created all the Pokemon in this world. I did not create you. You are NOT a Pokemon." The creature then began, "I was created not by you, but by humans." Arceus's eyes opened wide as he listened to the creature continue, "My name is Mewtwo, the strongest Pokemon in the world!" Arceus thought it odd of its name. This...Mewtwo having so many characteristics as Mew was unbelievable. Mewtwo went on saying, "My structure was cloned from a small white cat like Pokemon the humans captured in the wild. They extracted its DNA and created a clone. However, they used their technology to raise the psychic powers of that white cat to high, very high standards. Once I awaken, they only wanted to control me and to use me for their own personal gain!"
Arceus now knew what had happened to Mew. This Mewtwo had been created by humans but not by choice. He could not blame Mewtwo for having any of Mew's abilities but its actions were a different story. He was also quite saddened to hear that Mewtwo had been simply another Pokemon, if you could call it that, used be humans for their own bidding. Arceus spoke, "Humans are sometimes very selfish, but simply avoid them and they will do you no harm." Mewtwo shouted back, "I will destroy them for this! They have no right to control me like that!" Arceus tried to defend the humans, "That is not our choice to make. Free will is given to them, just as it is you and me. As Pokemon, we cannot take their lives."
Mewtwo scoffed at Arceus saying, "I take no orders from you! I am not part of your band of pathetic human lovers! I do not believe in giving second chances. I will wipe out the humans and any Pokemon that get in my way!" Mewtwo paused and then repeated, "Any Pokemon."
Arceus said, "I will not let you destroy this world I have worked so hard to create." Mewtwo replied, "You don't have a choice." Lightning boomed overhead as rain poured over both Pokemon. Arceus shivered a little at the cold rain as it refreshed him. He realized he was the only being standing between the humans, his Pokemon, and total destruction.
Arceus charged forward, not allowing Mewtwo a chance to strike. He changed his typing to that of pure darkness. He knew if Mewtwo WAS anything similar to Mew, it would be psychic abilities. Mewtwo simply stood there as it launched from its hands, a powerful white Aurasphere of energy. Arceus did not react fast enough as it felt the ball smash into him. Arceus staggered back as the ball was extremely painful. Before Arceus reacted, Mewtwo was launching sphere after sphere at Arceus. Arceus was still very fast as he dodged them. Arceus changed his typing to having abilities of psychic powers also. This gave Arceus some resistance to the spheres as it charged straight through them all. It let forth a giant beam of purple hyper energy. Mewtwo dodged. For the first time, Mewtwo had moved from where he levitated. Arceus almost lost sight of Mewtwo as it dodged with ease. The speed of Mewtwo was incredible. Even faster than Arceus.
Arceus made another attempt to advance. He used his psychic abilities to put pressure on Mewtwo. It was like wrapping a imaginary bubble around Mewtwo. Arceus was able to squeeze the bubble around Mewtwo. He concentrated most of the pressure on the throat of Mewtwo. Mewtwo stood there, looking helpless as it closed its eyes feeling the pressure. Arceus had no problem killing this creature. He hoped he could snap its larynx. As Arceus kept trying, he felt an outside energy push his own bubble of energy away, taking control of it in fact. Arceus felt his own imaginary bubble wrap around him and crush him. Along with that was an even more powerful bubble which must have been Mewtwo's. Mewtwo did not even move as it simply looked at Arceus, who was now crying out. Arceus concentrated, changing its form back to darkness. Both bubbles vanished.
Mewtwo spoke, "So, Mew's memory was correct. You can change your abilities. Most impressive. If you bow before me now, then I will let you live and we can put an end to these humans once and for all!"
Arceus shook his head and replied, "I will not surrender all that I have worked for, all that I have created, and all that I love."
With that, the two began to battle again. Arceus fought with everything it had. However, Mewtwo was just to powerful. Eventually, Mewtwo was able to determine the type that Arceus shifted to. Arceus stood, tired and weary. At this point, he was in his normal state. Mewtwo stood without moving a muscle. It clearly was not tired. Arceus had yet to land a single attack. It began to fire many hyper beams in all directions, causing Mewtwo to judge the path of each one so he would not be hit. Arceus took Mewtwo's moment of distraction and fired many arrow shaped shots of light. They surrounded Mewtwo, striking him while he was unaware. The blast was so powerful it sent Mewtwo crashing to the ground. As the dust cleared, Arceus stared at the ground saying, "Judgment has been dealt!"
A moment later, Mewtwo climbed to its feet. It looked up at Arceus. The blow had taken a serious toll on Mewtwo. Mewtwo closed its eyes and concentrated for a few seconds. Little did Arceus know that Mewtwo was recovering its energy. Once it had rested, it rose back into the air, again staring at Arceus. Arceus couldn't believe that Mewtwo was so healthy again. He could only assume Mewtwo had healed itself. Arceus shuddered, what else could he do? Before he could think, Mewtwo shot its arm out as if to reach for Arceus. It used its psychic powers to choke the life from Arceus. Arceus began to change type back to darkness, only to take several Auraspheres. Mewtwo was relentless. Blood was all it would except. Arceus crashed to the ground as he lost focus and his typing changed to normal. He laid motionless on the ground as Mewtwo grinned. "I am the victor. The Almighty Arceus has fallen. Now I will finish you!"
Mewtwo rolled up its hands, created a dark ball of energy. Arceus had only one chance. It began to run at an Extreme Speed and dodged the energy ball. It made a straight dart for Palkia and Rayquaza and retreated. Mewtwo looked around, failing to see Arceus anywhere. "I will find you or destroy this world, which ever comes first!"
As with the rest of his Guardians and Protectors, Arceus hid Rayquaza and Palkia, making sure to take care of them. Arceus stepping out of the Seafoam Islands cave where he left them and walked out into the sunlight. "This world as I once knew it, is finished. That powerful..." Arceus wept, thinking of his beloved Mew and all they had been through together. Was Mew still alive? Or had his pure heart been sacrificed in the creation of such a demonic being. Arceus could think of nothing but the fact was over. He could think of nothing to do that would change the tide. Nothing in all of his powers could stop Mewtwo.
Just then, he heard the voice of a small boy. He glanced out at the shore of the ocean and he saw a boy, perhaps about twelve, giving directions to a small, blue turtle. This one was a Squirtle. The two were battling a Staraptor. A large bird with a small beak but large talons. It flew overhead stooping at the tiny turtle. Arceus realized the boy must not have been in his right mind as the large bird would surely catch the Squirtle and possibly make off with it. As the Squirtle tried to fight back it was clear the Staraptor had the advantage in the air and much faster. After a few more minutes, the Squirtle took the Staraptor down with a mighty Skull Bash. The boy then through a Pokeball at the beaten Staraptor and claimed it. After that, he picked up his Squirtle as he hugged it tightly shouting, "You were amazing Squirtle! That crazy big bird wanna-be didn't stand a chance!" The Squirtle was clearly happy as it cheered and laughed and smiled with the boy.
Arceus stood up quickly, realizing something. The boy on his own would clearly not have been able to catch the Staraptor alone, nor could the Squirtle have survived against the bird on its own. However, together, they proved to be a formidable team. Such a childish team, was able to take on, defeat, and capture a dangerous predator. Arceus then thought to himself of an idea. Perhaps, if he were to put his Protectors and Guardians in the hands of some of these humans...special humans...loving, kind, and pure humans...that maybe as a team, just maybe...this evil threat, known as Mewtwo could be stopped.
With that, Arceus flew into the air quickly. He had to begin searching for the purest hearts and greatest trainers that he could. Someone who loved Pokemon and put as much effort into the task as the Pokemon did to prove itself to the human. Perhaps there is still hope for this world!
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