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Default Re: Your Black/White Team?

So I finally done with the main storyline. Now exploring and looking for the Sages. Still I decided for the rest of the game to play with a (Mostly) Mono Fire team. Should be interesting.

Here is what I got.

Sir Bacon
Male- Lv 70
Leading the new revamped team. Still I am seeing problems with a weak Flame Charge and speed. Also defense not that great. Still keeping him since he is my first pokemon.

Lady Rima
Female- Lv 60
Carried over from the last team. She is fiery and ready to be with me for the rest of the game. Now has Energy Ball to use for those Water types, if she survives long enough.

Sir French
Determine to be Male- Lv 60
Needed a fast guy that can shoot bolts of lightning at water types. Overheat isn't great but it is a fire move. Also miss this guy being part ghost.

Lady Buzz
Female- Lv 70
I needed a fire type that can learn fly that didn't involve me transferring a charizard. Haven't used it much but it seems like a good choice. Interesting to fly on it.

Sir Hammer
Male- Lv 60
I wanted to yell out, "Its Hammer Time!" and hum MC Hammer's song when he comes out. Also I need somebody to use Earthquake.

Lady Fates
Female- Lv 64
Fire types can't learn Surf and that is something adventurers need. A pain to raise but planning to teach it Flamethrower to keep in theme. Also it could be a fire type right? haha

Here we honor the pokemon that got me this far.

Sir Turtle
Male- Lv 42
Was great with Sturdy. He was one tough Pokemon.

Lady Croc
Female- Lv 58
This thing was great to use. It was able to hit hard and then harder.

Sir Birdy
Male- Lv 59
A beast all the way to the end.

Lady Gaga
Male- Lv 57
Wish I could have used it more. Too bad a lot of the cool TMs aren't till post game. Using Flamethrower on this thing would ahve been fun.
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