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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

This is the second last gym. The seventh gym.

Gym name:Toxade Gym
Type: Poison
Cool Trainer Ethan
Opening quote:"Poison is dynamic!"

Moves: Pin missile Poison jab Acupressure Scary face

Moves: Stockpile Swallow Spit up Toxic

Defeating quote:"Although has its side effects."
Prize money:$1,430
Afterwards quote:"I never give up Poison type pokemon. They are the best!"

Gentleman Walter
Opening quote:"Hello there. I would like to have a battle with you, please?"

Moves: Signal beam Confusion Stun spore Gust

Defeating quote:"I lost? Very well then, you won."
Prize money:$3,900
Afterwards quote:"The Poison type pokemon here are strong. Stay cautios."

Ninja Boy Carson
Opening quote:"Flexibility for a ninja. Such talent from me."

Moves: Spikes Toxic spikes Revenge Brine

Moves: Sludge Smokescreen Haze Selfdestruct

Moves: Sludge bomb Screech Mud bomb Fling

Moves: Crunch Ice fang Screech Mud bomb

Defeating quote:"You defeated me."
Prize money:$486
Afterwards quote:"I practice my ninja skills every single day. That's how I'm like this now."

Ninja Boy Flint
Opening quote:"Like a poisonous snake. Agility high."

Moves: Confuse ray Air cutter Wing attack Bite

Moves: Confuse ray Wing attack Air cutter Astonish

Moves: Stockpile Spit up Swallow Toxic

Defeating quote:"But yeah, poisonous."
Prize money:$490
Afterwards quote:"I musty slither to train more."

Cool Trainer Quentin
Opening quote:"I put Poison type pokemon first. Nothing else."

Moves: Mud bomb Poison jab Sucker punch Revenge

Defeating quote:"Ohh, I lost."
Prize money:$1,280
Afterwards quote:"Do you think I should others at first?"

Cool Trainer Maria
Opening quote:"(laugh) I'd love to watch you fall indefeat."

Moves: Body slam Earthquake Double kick Return

Moves: Thrash Double kick Focus energy Earthquake

Defeating quote:"But I don't want to put myself in defeat."
Prize money:$1,280
Afterwards quote:"Go ahead. To the Gym Leader."

Gym Leader Shindura
Opening quote:"Nin! Hello valiant trainer. The name is Shindura. I'm a ninja prodigy and the gym leader of the Toxade Gym. I specialize Poison type pokemon. And trust me, no one will get the badge that easily!"

Moves: Water pulse Poison jab Screech Toxic spikes

Moves: Screech Poison jab Focus punch Fling

Moves: Poison fang Cross poison Confuse ray Wing attack

Moves: Poison jab Screech Iron tail Crunch

Moves: Poison jab Ice fang Acupressure Bug bite

Defeating quote:"My skills are lower than yours. You're stronger than I am. I respect your win. Nin! You deserve the Ninja Badge."
Prize money:$4,200
Afterwards quote:"I think I need to train a whole lot more if I want to getstronger. Take the Ninja Badge. Since you got the Ninja Badge, you can use Rock Climb HM08. Oh yeah, have this as well. TM86 Poison jab. That's a nasty move, but powerful. Now, I must train more. Farewell. Nin!"

Now, there's one more to go.