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Default Re: Registration

*Picture of Eevee here*
Shadow (Female Eevee)
Sig. move: Shadow Rush
Shadow closes her eyes and her mane and tail turn black. When she opens her eyes, her paws, neck, and tail are surrounded by shadows and her eyes are glowing red. She then runs at the opponent at outragious speeds, almost matching the speed of Rapidash.
Approx. Damage: 70 (If she has a status element (poison etc.) it normally does 5 or so less, being 65)
Approx. persent hit: 90% (When under a status efect, it is 85%)

If I cant have that Sig. move yet, at least let me have it once I evolve Shadow into Umbreon.

*Picture of Oshawott here*
AoiAki (Male Oshawott)
No Sig. move, never will have one (Same as in my game, mind ya'll)

*Picture of Buneary here*
Iris (Female Buneary)
Run Away
Fast fact: How can I have a party without the Pokemon that, Chinese Zodiac wise, is your animal?
No sig. move.
I'm alive! -coughnotcough-