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Default Re: Your Black/White Team?

Samurott Lv.83
Hardy @ Mystic Water
~Ice Beam

Loving this Pokémon.
So happy I chose that annoying baby Otter.

Eelektross Lv.62
Modest @ Magnet
~Thunder Wave
~Dragon Claw

This was my favourite looking Monster from Gen V until I saw those flippers...
But you gotta love an Electric type with the coverage he has and lack of any weaknesses.

Conkeldurr Lv.63
Hardy @ Black Belt
~Stone Edge
~Chip Away
~Hammer Arm

Thinking of swapping him out for a Scrafty.
His lack of speed is simply too annoying for me...

Simisear Lv.60
Timid @ Bright Powder
~Shadow Claw
~Grass Knot
~Rock Smash
~Flame Thrower

Very fast and pretty strong.
I'm very impressed with this terrible looking monkey.
He needs to take styling tips from Simisage.

Braviary Lv.59
Brave @ Sharp Beak
~Aerial Ace
~Crush Claw
~Rock Slide

Thought he looked cool for a Flyer.
I wanted Archeops originally, but his ability?
Dubya-Tee-Eff Nintendo?

Haxorus Lv.70
Impish @ Dragon Fang
~False Swipe
~Dragon Claw

Okay, I fell in love with this Pokémon.
Had an Axew with False Swipe for capturing the weak monsters I needed for my Unova Dex.

Haven't really decided on what my final team will be, but I will be breeding soon.

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