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Default Re: Dark Shadow Lord joins the ranks!

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
In case you haven't noticed, Dark Shadow Lord is the newest member of the Moderating team! He'll be taking care of the WiFi and Competitive Battling forums and helping to spur all you battlers out there into action! He has a bunch of new ideas which will hopefully make the forum a little more fun, so if you have any suggestions or ideas for the WiFi or Competitive Battling forums, feel free to contact him!

Dark Shadow Lord is one of the main leaders in the WiFi Battling Center so I'm sure he'll do you all proud. He also currently holds the record for most forum posts...

So let's all congratulate him on a well deserved (and a little overdue) promotion! =]
Definitely deserved. I was actually wondering why he wasn't a mod, since as you mentioned, he had the most forum posts. He's probably the best battler on site bar none, and I hope that he will continue to help our forum be competitive in battling!
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