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Thumbs up Tutoring Session [Round 1] SIGN UP NOW TO LEARN!!!

Be sure to read this before you sign up

So you wanna be the master of
Understand the secrets and
Have some fun
So you wanna be the master of
Do you have the skills to be
Number one!?

We are here to teach you how to! So all you have to do in order to learn competitive battling. You can only learn 1 metagame each time, if you want to learn another one, sign up next round.

Remember we currently only teach these tiers:
  • 4th Generation Ubers
  • 4th Generation OU
  • 4th Generation UU
  • 5th Generation Ubers
  • 5th Generation OU
  • 5th Generation UU
  • 5th Generation NU
Fill this up:
Timezone and time I'm free:
Tier I wish to learn:
Group tutoring or 1-to-1 Tutoring:
About Me:
Remember if you don't fit into one of our tutor's timezones, then you may have to adjust your free-time to join in because we can't fit everyone. Remember to download Pokémon Online.

Thank You and Lets Go!