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Default Tokyo's Kitten Stats


Male Dewott*

Female Cleffa
Magic Guard
Signature Move: Easter Wish
Due to Fairy being born on Easter, she is one of those adored by the Easter Lopunny. She can, once during battle, look up and make a single wish. At random, the Cleffa wishes to be able to use one of its Evolutionís attacks. If the Easter Lopunny gives her permission, Fairy can use that move that she picked out two times.
Type: Normal/BP: N/A/Accuracy: 50%/Status/10 Energy Cost
Effects: Allows Fairy to use a random damaging move known as a Level up Move by its Evolutions (Clefairy and Clefable)
Usage Gap: Once per four rounds.

[Sir Meme] Mudkip (M)
Ability: Torrent
No sig. move

[Thorntot] Ferroseed (M)
Ability: Iron Barbs
No Sig. move. Yet.

[Night] Murkrow (F)
No Sig. move.

[Fluffbutt] Furrett (M)
Keen Eye
No Sig. move.

[Wave] Eevee (F)
No sig. move.

[KFT] Torchic (F)
No sig. move.

[Drako] Bagon (M)
Rock Head

Honchkrow (F)
Super Luck
Sig Move: Razor Feather
Honchkrow's body looks smooth but the smooth feathers' edge are sharp and rough. Honchkrow wonders how to use those sharp feathers to damage the target. It's impossible that she slashes the target using a single feather.

When she flies high in the sky, she gets an idea. She flaps her wings roughly and makes a shower of her wings down. That's a good way to use the attack.
Type: Flying | BP: 30 | Accuracy: 90
Impact: Single Target
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 3
Effect: If user is not up high in the sky (Fly is not in effect), this move fails. Roll 2-5, this attack hits as many times as the result. Each hit is calculated separately. Has high critical hit rate.
Usage Gap: Once per 2 rounds as long as user is using Fly.

Ability: Torrent

Items: None.

Battle Leage: (Most points in a month, not gym leaderness) September 2011-Shinyfy
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