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Default Re: Registration

Originally Posted by die View Post

male eevee

male pichu
static[gives off minor electric shock when physical contact is made]

male riolu
super sweep[a sweep kick of unholy speed]

: happy::h appy::ha ppy::hap py::happ y::happy : : happy:

ps : happy:
Not approved - you need to give Riolu an actual ability from the games - Steadfast or Inner Focus.

Originally Posted by Dino View Post
Ohhh... Interesting

[Aquae] Remoraid (Female)
Ability: Sniper

[Turf] Sandile (Male)
Ability: Intimidate

[Cain] Snubbull (Male)
Ability: Intimidate
Approved. Head over to the Bank, and make your Trainer Stats.
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