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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

I looked at my watch anxiously- about an hour had passed since the Ranger's Office had teleported me to the Botanic Gardens, and they had said that my Ranger was going to be joining me within half an hour. Why they sent me there without a ranger I wasn't sure, but I wasn't planning on romping around in the area by myself. Luckily, no Pokemon had come to visit em without the protection of my ranger- yet. Well, whatever. My ranger wouldn't leave me out here, all by myself... right?

With a sigh, I took my backpack off of my shoulders, and sat it down on the clipped grass in front of me. It looked like this was the only part of the Botanic Gardens where the grass was kept at a reasonable length- everywhere else, the grass looked to be about knee-high, if not taller. I unzipped my backpack, and pulled out a radio, about the size of a cat. "Now how do I work this thing...?" I muttered to myself. I took out a CD, about the size of a regular CD, with "FERROSEED" written in black sharpie on the front side. I scanned the radio for any button that would open it up. Upon finding it, I popped in the CD, and waited for the radio to give me some sort of recognition that it could read the CD.

It did nothing. Disgruntled, I hit it lightly with my fist, wondering if it would do anything. Nothing happened with the radio, but I heard a loud pop behind me. Startled, I dropped the radio on the ground and quickly turned around, fearing that it was some wild Pokemon coming to eat me. I was relieved to see that it was my ranger, who had just seen me drop my radio. "Hi! Uh, I was trying to get my Pokeplayer to work, and I already put the Ferroseed Voice Disk in, but it's not doing anything, and yeah..." I said quickly, the words flying out of my mouth. I could feel my cheeks turning red from embarrassment. My ranger was about a yard away, and he just looked at me. "Oh, I'm Bob by the way, nice to meet you," I muttered, awkwardly holding out my hand for him to shake.
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