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Default Re: Trading Depot [For All Your Small Trading Needs!]

In Game Name: Crystal
Friend Code: 5157-2283-4519
How you want to be contacted: PM or through PSN (PM me for that info though)
Pokemon/Item Want: Any Victini and/or Zekrom
Pokemon/Item offered: A shiny Giratina UT (Lv. 70 Bold), if that doesn't strike your fancy, please PM me or contact me via PSN

My claims: Bayleef, Mawile

Currently playing: Pokemon Black Version and La Pucelle Ragnarok

I caught my first D/P Shiny: A Graveler Female Naughty natured on Iron Island while training my newest team! 7/16/08

I caught my first B/W Shiny: A Joltik Male Jolly natured while progressing through the story! 3/9/11