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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky


Ranger Chainy


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"Yeah, let's go the gardens, I suppose," Bob said. He pressed the play button on the Pokewalker, and a horrible screeching sound started emitting from the box. It was like the screech of a nail scraping along a roof shed. My earpieces picked up the sound and automatically screened it out - thank God for that, Pokeplayer noises got really irritating after a while.

We walked along a cobblestone path, passing by the greenhouses and noticing how the height of the grass slowly began to rise. I didn't know exactly which garden Bob wanted to go to, but he seemed happy for me to lead. I decided to take him to the forest section, where finely pruned trees reached for the sky and many rare Pokemon could be found.

The path split into a crossroads and we turned left, passing through a wrought iron fence into the tree grove. I looked around, keeping an eye out for anything wrong. There had been poachers in this area recently, and we were on relatively high alert. I was just about to inform Bob of this fact when something crashed down in front of us, hitting the path and sending stone fragments flying in all directions.

The object looked like a large silver egg, about thigh-high, with spiky green protrusions dotted around the shell. Thin black bands wrapped around the egg and small flecks could be seen on its skin. It turned around and I saw two eyes begin to open. It didn't look too happy with us.

"Well, it seems like your Voice Disk has come through for you," I remarked, "here's the Ferroseed you came here for."


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Bob Miller
Location: Botanical Gardens
Area Effects: 14 Encounters Remaining, Ferroseed Voice Disk[ONE USED]
Pokemon Encountered: ??? Ferroseed(?)
Pokemon Captured: N/A
CC since last Encounter: 4010

Pokemon Statistics:

Gentle Female Togekiss 100% (TM Flamethrower ; TM HP Grass ; TM Thunder Wave ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Attract ; TM Water Pulse ; TM Protect ; TM Roost ; TM Shock Wave ; TM Psychic ; TM Grass Knot ; TM Double Team ; TM Substitute ; TM Psych Up ; TM Fire Blast ; TM Reflect ; TM Light Screen ; TM Toxic ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Rest ; TM Swagger ; TM Defog ; HM Flash ; EM Nasty Plot ; EM Psycho Shift ; EM Heal Bell ; EM Tri-Attack ; EM Trick

Jolly Genderless Bronzong 100% (TM Trick Room; TM Charge Beam; TM Flash Cannon; TM HP Fighting ; TM Stealth Rock ; TM Protect ; TM Grass Knot ; TM Earthquake ; TM Explosion ; TM Calm Mind ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Dream Eater ; TM Rock Slide ; TM Rest ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Toxic ; TM Light Screen ; TM Reflect ; TM Rock Tomb ; TM Psych Up ; TM Psychic ; TM Rock Polish ; TM Substitute ; TM Solarbeam ; TM Return ; TM Double Team ; TM Sandstorm ; TM Skill Swap ; TM Swagger ; HM FlasH ; EM Trick ; EM Zen Headbutt ; EM Iron Head <Levitate Ability>)

Jolly Male Yanmega 100% (TM Roost ; TM HP Ice ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Substitute ; TM Giga Drain ; TM Psychic ; TM Toxic ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Attract ; TM Dream Eater ; TM Defog ; TM Flash; EM Whirlwind ; EM Reversal <Speed Boost Ability>)

Item Statistics:

Type Repellent x3
Hyper Ball x2
Park Ball x10
Hyper Repellant
Ferroseed Voice Disk x2
Durant Voice Disk

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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