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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky


IC: My ranger strode forward confidently, his Gallade trailing behind him obediently. I followed the two, and they took me onto a cobblestone walkway. This was nice- as we continued down the path, I could see that the grass was gradually getting longer and longer. We soon came to a point where the path split into two- the left lead into a forest, and the right lead to a field much like the one we were in right now. Fortunately, my ranger took me into the forest. As he led me along, I gaped in awe at the gorgeous forest we were approaching. The neatly trimmed trees were enormous, like they had been growing there since the beginning of time. They were a very vivid green- and their luscious branches were sure to hide many rare Pokemon.

We passed through an iron gate into the forest, and suddenly, the sun which had been beating down upon me for the past hour was snuffed out, and we were immersed in the shadows of the gigantic trees. Almost in contrast to this intense beauty, something came crashing down from the trees, like a bomb dropped from an airplane. It was silver and egg-shaped, but it certainly wasn't egg-sized, and it definitely didn't have the innocence of an egg. It was about two feet tall, and jutting out of its shell were sharp green thorns. Small black bands circled its body at even intervals. "Well, it seems like your Voice Disk has come through for you," my ranger told me, "here's the Ferroseed you came here for."

I grinned. "Awesome!" I exclaimed, setting down the Pokeplayer on the ground. I reached into my backpack, and pulled out a Pokeball with a small white circle on the top- my Togekiss was inside. "Togekiss, come on out!" I cried. Upon pressing the center button, a flash of white light illuminated the forest, and a large white dove was released. She was fairly large, about the size of a small child. Her body was egg shaped, and speckled with occasional blue and red flecks. Long, feathery wings flowed from her sides. She beat her wings gently to keep her aloft as she surveyed the area. "Togekiss, use Thunder Wave to paralyze that Ferrothorn!" I ordered. Togekiss nodded in acknowledgment, then turned towards the spiky egg. Around her wingtips I could see electricity beginning to spark up, like sparks flying from a frayed wire. She shuddered, and the electricity jolted from her body, and shot forward towards the Ferrothorn.

I looked at the Pokeplayer on the ground, and pushed the STOP button gently with my foot. Now that we had found a Ferrothorn, there wouldn't be much use for the radio until the battle was over.
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