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Default Re: Open Battle: Dino vs Paperfairy

The mud sucks at Paperfairy's boots, fighting to hold him in place as he treks through the murky marshes. A pink egg-shaped Pokemon in shorts sits on his head, rubbing the stone nestled comfortably in her shorts while her ponytail bobs with the motion of her trainer. Neither particularly cares for this place. Unfortunately, the marsh is between them and the next city, and so the push onwards. As they circle around a gigantic yellow flower-common in this particular marsh-they come across another trainer Paperfairy knows as Dino, who is working with a pink bipedal bulldog. Their eyes meet. Not a word needs to be said. In the world of Pokemon, that alone is enough to challenge someone. Happiny jumps from Paperfairy's head, and they begin their fight.

Battle Start

Happiny (♀)
Ability: Natural Cure
Moves: Thunder Wave~Headbutt/Thunder Wave

[Cain] Snubbull (Male)
Ability: Intimidate
Attract~Work Up

As luck would have it, Happiny landed on a small log rather than the mud, and so is able to act more quickly. Energy moves around her body, vaguely resembling blue lightning, and gathers around her egg stone, snapping and crackling merrily in anticipation. With a downright evil grin that doesn't belong on such a face, she places her stubby hands on the stone, and then throws them outwards. The energy is launched through the air like a net, and ensnares its prey, catching around Cain. It sinks into his skin, targeting his nervous and muscular systems with the intent to mix the former up and cause crippling spasms in the other. As soon as it takes full affect on the panicking Cain, his knee jerks, and he falls, planting his face in the mud.

Body shivering uncontrollably, he forces his arms to push up, scowling under a mud covered face at Happiny, who laughs mockingly at him. Then he remembers Dino's orders. He can't look mad, he has to be flirtatious. Shuddering slightly from the tingling sensations in his back, he straightens up, cocks a casual smirk, and winks, generating a magical pink heart towards the baby Pokemon... or at least he tries to. He gets as far as the smirk, but every attempt at winking is met with failure, his eyelid stopping halfway down. Thus, it just looks like his eye is twitching, which makes Happiny laugh even harder, rather than swoon.

Suddenly, though, she adopts a serious expression, and Cain gulps. This will not end well for him. She jumps off of her log, using the momentum to keep her feet from sinking into the muck, and dashes forward, her head-and therefore her body-nearly horizontal and on a direct collision course for him. Unable to move anywhere near quickly enough to get out of the way, Happiny buries herself directly into Cain's stomach, knocking him off of his feet and back down, making his back match his front in terms of muck. The blow actually took more out of him than he expected, and he simply closes his eyes and breathes deeply, trying to get his wind back. Dino's orders are forgotten.

Round End

Happiny (♀)
Health: 100
Energy: 78
Status: No status effects and having a blast.

[Cain] Snubbull (Male)
Health: 94
Energy: 94
Status: Paralyzed, and not having much fun.

Snubbull-Intimidate (Happiny's attack can't go any lower)
Speed check-tie. Rolled 1
Happiny-Thunder Wave (accuracy, rolled 6, 90 or lower for hit. Snubbull paralyzed. Energy cost: 10)
Snubbull-Attract (paralysis, rolled 50, 50 or lower for par. Fully paralyzed. Energy cost: 4)
Happiny-Headbutt (accuracy, rolled 68, 90 or lower for hit. Rolled 16 out of 16, 1 for critical. Dealt 6 damage. Rolled 28, 30 or lower to flinch. Dealt 6 damage. Energy cost: 12)
Snubbull-Work Up (flinches, 2 energy).
Area effects: Fog weather, 10% accuracy reduction.
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