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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

The Aura Sphere slammed into Ferroseed, but Ferroseed was barely moved by the attack- it merely wobbled a little bit, then returned to its resting position. I was very confused- why hadn't Ferroseed moved? An attack of that magnitude should have moved it quite a bit, but there Ferroseed was, looking smugly at us. What had it done? I looked at Togekiss, who seemed just as muddled as I was. I glanced back at Ferroseed, and very faintly, I could see that its bottom spikes were stuck in the ground. Somehow, it had implanted itself in the ground! It was probably using Ingrain, but I wasn't certain.

But Ferroseed wasn't done yet- The spikes around the crown of its head shot out of its head, and began moving themselves towards Togekiss. The green spikes gained a white glow as they gained speed, and although I wasn't sure what this attack was, I knew that Togekiss should avoid it somehow. I thought quickly- Ferroseed was Steel and Grass type, so its spikes would be weak to fire. "Togekiss! Use a weak Flamethrower to burn up those spikes, and then keep it going to hit Ferroseed!" I blurted out, hoping that she would be able to move quickly enough. Togekiss acknowledged my orders, and she took a quick huff of air, then began to exhale flames. From where I was standing, I could feel a little bit of heat coming from the vivid orange flames that were spewing from her mouth. "Remember- keep it weak! We want to keep it alive!" I added, hoping to stress that I wanted the Ferroseed to not faint. As Togekiss moved forward, the flames shooting from her mouth, the thorns zoomed closer to her- and I hoped that my plan would work.

A thought sprung to my mind- Ferroseed would be close to capture after the Flamethrower hit it. I turned away from the battle for a second in order to dig around in my backpack. "Togekiss," I yelled while turned around, fishing around in my backpack. "Once you've hit Ferroseed, move out of the way!" My hand quickly found what I was looking for, and I pulled it out- a plain Park Ball. I turned forward, throwing the ball straight at Ferroseed as I threw. Assuming I had timed it correctly, the ball would hit Ferroseed just as Togekiss flew past it with her Flamethrower.

OOC: Woohoo, hopefully that's not order overload for Togekiss...
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