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Default IceKyurem - Snivy - Water's Edge

I wanna go the the Water's Edge with my Tsutarja, aye aye.
[Tsu] Tsutarja (female)
Ability: Overgrow

A ranger appears and calls out your name.
"Hi, I'm Kyle, your ranger."
You get in a jeep and head over to an area of the park. Excitedly you and Tsu jump from the jeep, ready to find new pokemon!

(NOTE: I will be gone over Spring Break. So hopefully one of the other rangers will be able to continue this for you. If it happens that is not the case, I am sorry for the disappearance, and that week will not count as part of your two weeks time within the park.

IceKyurem and Tsu are exploring the Water's Edge.

1. A splash is heard behind some tall reeds. Investigate?
2. Continue down the path.
3. Mom is making spaghetti, its time to go home.